Turquoise '08 Work and Day... nd I'm not sure I'm finished yet! Blue comparison pics

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  1. Ok some of you remember the "so excited"-thread last week (regarding my first book hitting the stores this week) and I decided that this was a splendid excuse to indulge in Bal and my favorite color :yahoo: It's been a long day and I will post better pics later but I tried to capture the real turquoise color and took a comparison shot or two of turq '08 and '05. Turq '05 is a bit darker, greener, and - in the shade - duller (gulp, what I mean is non-neony)! :sweatdrop:

    Here you go:





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  2. Both shades are gorgeous -- congrats again on your new 08 Turq goodies! :yes:
  3. wow love the colors of both! congrats on your book!
  4. Of course we remember your "so excited" thread (congrats again on your book!!).....mmmmmmmmmm.......some gorgy turq bags you got there....I think I´m in love,lol

  5. I love this color, too! Thanks for sharing photos!
  6. Thank you :love:

    I'll take lots of comparison pics soon (I have electric blue, sky blue, aquamarine, blue india, turq 05, cornflower... :shame:smile: so if you're after one particular comparison, please let me know! :yes:
  7. I love your first!! The colour looks so delicious!
  8. I love this color more and more, its amazing, congrats lovely bags!!!!
  9. Gorgeous Color..what brightness..:nuts:Wow!!!
    CONGRATS South:woohoo:!!!
  10. I love all Bbags, you know that! They are all so yummy!
  11. Congrats! They are both gorgie!!!
  12. Oh yum! They are gorgeous bags and all look good enough to eat!!
  13. OMG! they are soooo prettyyyy! congrats!!!!!
  14. If Deana is our "Queen of Pink", you've truly become our "Queen of Blue" .... amazing and I can't wait to see all of your blues together.
  15. Thank you for posting the comparison pictures!! I never seen any Turq 05 in person, but everytime I see it on PF, it looks like an awesome color that I have to get my hands on~!!!

    One question though, is the leather on your Day 08 Turq better than the Work? or they are the same?

    I got my Turq city and even though the leather is thick, it feels very dry.. It might also because of the weather over here.. but it might be NM.