Turquoise 05 Twiggy

  1. Oh my gosh! That's soooo beautiful! It's in mint condition, too! :love:
  2. faaaahhhbulooousss color! wowzas!
  3. I've been droooooling at this baby... :nuts:
  4. it's too gorgeous for words :love: :lol:
  5. Love this bag....so yummy.
  6. :love:
  7. Ohhh that poor seller didn't watermark the pics either. Yikes.
  8. please, somebody with $1600 to spare needs to buy this gorgeous bag!
  9. I wish!! :sad:
  10. I so want this bag but too small IMO :crybaby:
  11. i want it so badly too but it's out of my range....WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH :crybaby: