Turquoise 05 First or Apple Green First

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Turquoise 05 vs. Apple Green, all in First

  1. Turquoise 05 First

  2. Apple Green First

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have Turquoise 05 in First. Should I let her go and get Apple Green in First?

    I have Yellow, Rouge Vif and Black, all in First.

    I'm not a blue person. However, Turequoise 05 isn't bad. I never see Apple Green IRL before.

    What do you guys think? :hysteric:
  2. Keep your 05 Turquoise!!! ACK! Hands down I'd always pick the 05 Turquoise over the apple green, yummy as it may be. There's just something really special about the turquoise that makes my heart go bump!
  3. i personally like the 05 turquoise first alot more than apple green. although i've never seen the green in person, i can only imagine how much it would not go with my skin tone.

    edited to add: go for turquoise!
  4. keep the turq 05 :love:
  5. Hands down Turquoise 05 for me!
  6. Same here! I love that color!:heart:
  7. Thank you guys. Please keep them coming though it seems that everybody favor Turquoise over Apple Green. :P

    Somehow I have my heart out for AG but too bad, I never seen it in real life and can't compare side by side. :crybaby:

    Maybe I'm a fool to let turquoise go in order to get apple green. :hysteric:

    Why it's so difficult to make decision about b-bag!!!! :Push:
  8. Let us know which one u sell
  9. I have both & seriously they are both fabulous!! Try & get the apple before you think about selling the turq to see both in real life & decide.
  10. I voted Apple Green, 'cause it's in your sig ;) and also because you seem to have an inkling that you will love it (and you are not overly enthused about the Turquoise '05 ... "not bad" is definitely not enthusiastic!!)
  11. whoops i voted wrong i meant to vote for u to get the apple green
  12. i'm on turqoise first :P love it
  13. I'd go turqoise...
    but: i think you are just feeling the pinch for Apple green because you've never seen it in real life.... but the turq is a beauty... will last you longer...

    good luck!
  14. :wlae: i totally agree!!! hehehe! i love mine!!! Give your Turq 05 a good chance... take her out and about and see how you go!!!!
  15. I love the turquoise! I accidently voted for apple though - I'm having a bad day.