Turquoise '05 City!!!!

  1. Wow! What a beauty indeed! And the seller's taken so many gorgeous pics! I'm so impressed with the photography, lol! I couldn't take a decent pic of my lampo zippers when I last tried. Hmm, this is a good challenge for me.:lol:
  2. holy crap!!! I want I want I want I want :crybaby:
  3. ^^^why are you crying HAT???
  4. Big, bright and beautiful....WOW! Cheer up, Hat, these blue babies come up relatively often if you have to pass on this one.
  5. i saw it at 5am this morning and thought i was still dreaming. the color is so gorgeous.:love: i hope it goes to a PFer.
  6. I loooooove that bag. The color is one of my favorites!!!
  7. Ooh! I knew I should have waited, but I just got a Turquoise 05 Twiggy. I really want this City!!
  8. 5AM!!! You're up early!!!
  9. What are you going to do?
  10. Is the '05 turq a bit shiny?? Or is it just the flash. Looking for something matte. Would i be disappointed?
  11. I might return my Twiggy and try for the City. But the seller I bought it from takes a 15% restocking fee, which is around $185 or so. :crybaby:
  12. It's not shiny at all. It's so gorgeous. The leather is nothing like the 06 leather!
  13. ^^^well atleast you can return it! Maybe the seller will take less for restocking fee?
  14. Hubba, Hubba! Cal likey!