Turquoise 05 city or magenta 05 city?


if you had to choose between these two citys, which one would you prefer?

  1. turquoise 05

  2. magenta 05

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If you had to choose between the two, regardless of what you already have, which one would you prefer? :rolleyes: And why? Thanks!:love:
  2. Magenta defo - love that colour in the City
  3. 05 Turq - I think it is THE ultimate bright coloured bag.

    - I really think this is a personal preference thing though... heehee. I believe that when you find true love - the bag really speaks to ya and grabs you by the heart strings. You just KNOW it's LOVE!
  4. Turq all the way!
  5. Both are TDF...
    there is so Bal blues...but only one Magenta...
  6. turquoise 05
  7. Turq 05 - Magenta is beautiful, no doubt, but I'm just not a pink person. I see 05 turq as the blue equivalent of my 05 apple - the ultimate dream bag.
  8. Almost an impossible choice. Turquoise.
  9. TURQUOISE is TDF :drool:

    Magenta still scares me. :s
  10. I would say turquoise because I think I could pull it off better than magenta.
  11. I vote Turquoise...Magenta in a City would be a whole lotta pink, IMHO! :yes:
  12. Since I myself already have the '05 turquoise .... I'd vote for the MAGENTA :yahoo: - if I would'nt have the turquoise ..... I'd go with this ;) ! I'm not a real help for you 'Ch' trama..... I'm sorry - it's so hard b/c both are sooooo beautiful :s !
  13. I say magenta because I am hoping you tell me where to locate a turquoise. LOL
  14. I just got a turquoise '05 Twiggy :yahoo: , and the color is so beautiful that I might just get a city in that color too. My vote is for '05 turquoise.....it is TDF.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: haha too funny!:p