Turquoise 04,please post pics, and difference with seafoam 04 and vert d'eau 07

  1. Is turquoise04 a chameleon color? :shrugs:
    Does it change a lot from bag to bag or does it always look more or less the same?
    Does it tend to have some yellowing with time?
    What's the difference, in your opinion, with seafoam and vert d'eau?

    Could those of you who own a turquoise 04 (especially the city) please post pictures? If somebody has turquoise and seafoam, or toghether with vert d'eau in the same picture it would be great for comparison!

    Thanks everybody!
  2. Oh! Thank you very much rollergirl

    All three colors make me mad! Your three weekenders are amazing!

    I knew I had seen those pics before, but couldn't find them going back to old threads. Thank you very much for your help, that's what I was looking for!

    Which one of the three colors do you think is the best one?
  3. hi trama dear!

    I have a turq first and the discontinued mini coin purse. I think it's a great color. When I saw vert d'eau IRL I thought it was way paler than turquoise. If you have a chance for a mint turquoise I think it's worth it, otherwise the vert d'eau is also gorgeous and easier to come by.
    bal collection.jpg
  4. Here's my '04 Turquoise Weekender:
    2004 Fall-Winter Turquoise Weekender.jpg CJL Collection - Part 1.jpg
  5. beautiful bags ceejay
  6. Danae, thanks, and your turquoise also doesn't seem to have yellowed over time...mmmm... what you sid is very interesting, thank you (and I like your bags, but you already know that).
    By the way, how is it going in Paris? And the Balenciaga thesis?

    Ceejay, thanks for your pics of this weekender, and you have a great collection, but the attachment says collection Part1. So how many parts do you have? 2, or 3, or 4, or...20 :graucho: ???

    Did some of you turquoise 04 owners experience any yellowing like it happens to ice blue or light pink Balenciagas?
  7. My favorite color of all time is turquoise '04. For me, it's better than seafoam or vert d'eau, both of which I love. Just not as much. I don't think it turns yellow, so much as it can show wear and (like any light color) get dirty. Seafoam seems to darken with age. My WE looks great still because I barely have used it, while the seafoam one shows some use.
  8. [​IMG]

    Here is a turq work sunbathing . . .
  9. And here is one inside my bathroom :[​IMG]
  10. Sorry, these are '05 but show you the difference .
  11. Purse - your work is spectacular......I can only dream :love:
  12. Beautiful turquoise '05!!!
  13. Thanks rollergirl. It's always interesting to know the feeling people have towards different colors, especially when they could be considered similar, but in reality they are not. Sometimes small differences make such a big difference!
  14. Pursemania, turquoise 05 is TDF. One of my favourite colors.