Turquoise 04 clutch

  1. I almost didn't want to post this... because I want to buy it :P But I figured I shouldn't be selfish here and share the love! :roflmfao:


    The tres beautiful turquoise clutch... from a lovely PFer (I believe). I am definitely going to get this - really regret bidding and not doing a BIN now! :shocked:
  2. ^^Beautiful clutch. I'm holding out for my dream classique - but I hope you win your auction! :heart:
  3. Oooh Beverly, I hope you win! Firstclass is the seller - and she is wonderful and the clutch is absolutely breathtaking :love:
  4. Yessss I kept thinking about it but I just couldn't do it right now, good luck beverly, it's absolutely beautiful!! And the seller is a sweetheart (good luck to you too, I dear :heart:)
  5. Thanks for sharing Beverly! Firstclass is very sweet! Good luck to you both!!
  6. Good luck Beverly. That is a great color and a really cute bag.
  7. Beverly-girl, that's very sweet of you to share, but you should get it!!!
  8. It is a gorgeous clutch and Firstclass is a sweetheart:heart: I hope someone here gets it :yes:
  9. wow, it's up to $395 now & Beverly-girl will have to wait 'till july 3rd :blink:...i'd be going crazy if i had to wait that long!!!

    p.s. good luck to both Firstclass & Beverly :flowers:
  10. Awwwwwww . . . yes, it's my auction !! Beverly . . . crossing fingers you get it :yes:;) - good luck :love: . Thank you ladies for all your compliments :shame:
  11. firstclass, good luck with the sale! it's gorgeous!