Turquoise '04 City!!!

  1. AARRRGGG!!!! it's gorgeous!!!!
  2. beautiful color! did you post pics of yours zacorey? i'd love to see it!
  3. I have pictures I want to post but I am waiting for my black work to get here so I can post them together! I'll start a thread now about my turq!!! I'm bored! LOL:lol:
  4. woohoo!!! :wlae::yahoo::wlae:
  5. reovi, aren't u looking for an ink? got tempted huh girl? ;)
  6. Girlfriend, I got my ink! I don't mess around ! LOL ;) On to the next obsession, either a bordeaux twiggy or a turquoise something... What about you?
  7. It looks so soft and slouchy.Gorgeous bag!:heart:
  8. oh my my my, YOU"RE FAST reovi :P
    my next purchase is going to be a WORK, not decide which colour though... and i'm tempted to get a marni too! i'm losing my mind
  9. I was tempted to get a work, too, so I could carry my laptop in it, but I am tough on my laptop bags, so I decided against it. Would not want to deface a beautiful b-bag! Forgive my ignorance, but what is a marni? One of the new styles? I am a fan of the mid-afternoon myself... And yes, I am fast, so if anyone needs me to look for bags for them, let me know, it will give MY bank account a break!!!
  10. Thanks reovi!!!:heart: I don't know anything about the seller. The color is hard to find. The only thing is that is is a fairly light color so I am always kind of worried about it getting dirty.

    Does anyone know if it would be okay to use the AG spray on this color bag??? I really want to spray away!:lol: Will the color darken from the spray? If it does- I don't think it would bother me!
  11. that's what in my mind too zac, i think turqoise '04 and bubblegum pink '05 are 2 b-bags that's easily fades.
  12. me too me too

    work is next!!! thinking black.. but then again......

    grenat is very very nice.... but i am of the mimi camp.. i go for leather texture over color.. so i am going to pick out my next bag in person..

    even though this 04 one is so pretty, and definitely soft.. i am holdin g out for that work

    seahorses,,, did you pick a color for your work?
  13. Congrats, Zac! It's beautiful!!! :heart: As for the AG spray, I've only used it on dark bags and it never altered the color so I can't vouch for it on light bags. I can see how you will want to protect it, though. Perhaps you can contact AG and ask them? I know some people on the LV forum have had great luck with Shining Monkey, but it is marketed for car interiors/seats. I don't know how it will effect the soft leather on the Balenciagas. I tried to e-mail them, but I haven't received a response in over a month.