Turquise Edith

  1. Hi,

    Anyone got the Turquise and can post modeling pics? I am still trying to decide which color to get. My friend thinks it looks more feminine in the turquise.. what do you girls think?

    Thanks :biggrin:

  2. Don't have one, so I cant post any pics... but from what I have seen, the turquoise is tdf - a stunning colour that would look good with many outfits. I agree with your friend, it's a feminine colour - but you could surely dress it up or down. The whiskey is very nice too, I guess it depends on what other bags you have and how you would normally dress. The turquoise is bolder imo, and stands out more. It would make a great summer colour, but would look good with fall colours (rust, brown, black) too. Good luck with your choice & let us know what you decide!
  3. Thanks a lot Vicky.

    I feel like I am going mad trying to decide what to get *LOL* I am also craving for a mousse Paddington - I love the color after having tried "your" baby mousse paddy at the store.

    Right now I have:
    Louis Vuitton mocha Pont Neuf
    Balenciaga magenta Day bag
    Mulberry oak Rosemary
    Chloe blanc pocket Paddington
    Chloe anthracite baby Paddington

    I really dont know what I need, but I love the paddy in whisky and mousse, Edith in all colors except black :love:

    Opinions appreciated!