Turquiose Inclusion

  1. Has anyone seen the turquiose inclusion yet - the bracelets and rings are up on the louisvuitton.co.uk website along with the violette colour, but they are calling it ''fawn''
  2. Turquiose?? I didn't even know that was coming out!! Gotta check it out!
  3. Holy inclusion, Robin - it's like a flood of new information today. And I expected it to be slow :woohoo:

    My store can't even tell me when the rose is going to come in.
  4. Ooh i saw the fawn colour today i think! I was like HUH i don't remember that inclusion colour! Thanks for the info!
  5. Both colors are up on the US website, too! I think Turquoise has won my heart over 'fawn' in the inclusions. Such pretty spring colors!
  6. I'd really like to see this in person..I like it but I hope they don't use the red and pink crystals in it, the clear would look better. If not, oh well, I've been looking forward to a blue color for quite awhile.
  7. I saw it today at the store. A ring and a hair cubes. It doesn't look turquoise really. It's more mint green - very pale color.
  8. here are a few pics
    pm.jpg pn.jpg ring.jpg
  9. Here are the pics of the items they have up in that color so far for anyone who can't see them.
    So is this the peppermint I've seen people referring to or is this a totally different color?
    And yeah, the "fawn" is actually Violette, it's just mislabeled. Fawn would seem to be a brown, not a purple lol.

    ETA: Whoops, guess Bag Fetish beat me. :p
  10. ^^^ That's pretty, thanks for sharing the pics ladies!
  11. Someone had called these Peppermint but they don't have any specific name on the site, only the Violette is mentioned (still called Fawn). I almost wonder if they didn't mis-name both of these colors on the site. We knew of the Peppermint being released and I think this is it, but they call it Turquoise instead.
  12. ooh, thanks for posting the pix. the turquoise looks really nice. i can't get pracelets (i type a lot at work) or hair things (my hair is WAY too thick for pretty much any hair accesosry on the planet), but a ring would really be nice. :biggrin: hm, have to check these out IRL!
  13. ^Lol don't feel bad, I have some hair cubes I rarely use because of my hair too! If I put my hair half up and half down, then they're fine but if I try it over a ponytail, I get scared that I'll snap the band.
  14. I like the colours of the items but those crystals don't match at all ! :s
  15. ^Yeah I'm hoping they just photoshopped the color onto an existing one. The crystals would have looked a lot better just being clear or something.