turq 08, skyblue gsh or vert thyme gsh

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  1. im trying to pick which will be my next color in a city...turq 08, skyblue gsh or vert thyme gsh

    i currently have a plomb pt. i usually wear a lot of yellow, green, brown, pink, grey, black, beige w jeans or khakis & summery dresses. Which color do you think I will get more use out of????
  2. I would probably go with the Turquoise because I tend to prefer RH on the City, but the SB is probably my favorite blue this season and would look amazing with the colors that you tend to wear!
  3. my vote goes to turqy! it'll be a nice pop of colour for the summer!
  4. Vert Thyme....I would take vert thyme....I love green :heart:
  5. ^^ Ditto!! I saw Turq for the first time yesterday, it really didn't do anything for me :Push: I never really cared much for SB, so definitely VT!!:tup: When are you getting off the purse ban?:graucho:
  6. i was kinda thinking vert thyme too, but then i was thinking maybe a "pop" of skyblue or turq would be better. argh!!! i wish i could just get all 3:graucho:
  7. well, i just sold one of my LV's:okay: so im hoping i can convince dh to put up the rest of the balance for a new city:yahoo:

    im just so confused about the color:confused1:...i like vert thyme but im thinking maybe a brighter color would be better since I have a plomb pt and my other bags are LV's (damier & mono).
  8. Vert thyme may not be as bright as the other colours you are considering but it is def a colour. Nothing like plomb, which is much more neutral.

    Can you look at the bags and try them? That way you'll know which one is for you!
  9. wish i could...but the bal store here in manila isnt open yet. i will be ordering this bag from out of the country
  10. my vote goes to turquoise :smile:
    I prefer the 05 turq but the 08 is very nice too!
  11. another vote for the turq!
  12. I vote for turq! I usually hate pastels but for some reason I am loving the look of the 08 turq.
  13. vert thyme - it looks SO pretty with GSH!
  14. Hmm out of the 3, I would go for Turquoise. I prefer the 05 Turq, but I like 08 Turq better than the 08 Sky Blue or Vert Thyme.
  15. My vote goes to either vert thyme or turq.!!!