turq 08 city with green handles? HELP!

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  1. hi everyone---so i just received a bag from Neimans in short hills, NJ through the mail...it is the 08 turq city with regular hardware. i was excited about the color but gasped in shock when i saw the handles: sea green stitching! it sticks out like a sore thumb if you ask me. i cant figure out how to ...could people please tell me what they think, and post pics of their handles if they also have a turquoise 08, in any style? its looking like a return to me now because the color difference is so prominent it almost looks fake (in my opinion)!

    thank you VERY much!
    clip_image002.jpg handles.JPG handles2.JPG
  2. This is right, I think. '08 Turq does have green-ish handles. There's been discussion about this. It's definitely not a defect or anything. Do you dislike it? If so, maybe you should get a different color. :yes:
  3. This is on all the turq bags. I haven't seen them IRL, but from pics I've seen throughout the forum, I think they look cool! But a lot of people don't like them. Maybe if you want a light blue sky blue from the s/s 08 collection might work for you?
  4. i think you are both right! i might have to try a sky blue :smile: and not to knock anyone who likes it! it's just personal preference...and it stuck out to me, so I thought I would ask. Thanks for the input!
  5. I actually love it when the stitching is different from the leather color. It looks so great to me, like a contrast. My rouille is like that and my 06 lilac had it.
  6. yeah mine has the green stitching too (rh turq city) and I acutally love that part of the bag
  7. I love the green stitching feature!! But, I can't see if you weren't expecting it, what a shock it'd be.
  8. My turq 08 city has contrasting stitching, and I dig it. However, if you don't like it, return the bag and get something that you love!
  9. you guys have made me feel so much better! still don't know what i'm going to do yet, but it's very good to know that it's supposed to be like that :smile:
  10. lol this is the first thing i noticed when i saw the turq o8 IRL. i was like "ehhh, why are the handles bright green??"

    i think it stands out too... dont know if i could get past it or not to be honest. i'd probably send it back for sky blue, which is a wicked color IMO.
  11. I agree, I don't like it either to be honest. They did that with another color a couple os seasons ago. I forget which color but I didn't like it either.
  12. Yes, rouille has this too. It took me a little while to get used to it but now I quite like it as a feature of this bag.
  13. i wonder why they would do that????
  14. personally i like it but I guess it would be harder to match with your outfit...unless you were going for an all over blue-green theme. I'm a big fan of Balenciaga greens though!
  15. I've been carrying mine since I got it, so about a week I guess and as the handles start to get broken in it gets less and less noticeable.