Turq 05 work or classique?

  1. Ok ladies, I found a turq 05 work and classique...since I have a turquoise twiggy - should I get the work or classique?:yahoo:

  2. Ooooh lucky you! I would get the one i think I will use the most. Right now I'd be very tempted to get the work but that's just me he he!
  3. ^^ girl...accckkk...I am lusting for the work turq too...shocks...decisions decisions...aaahhh I need money!!!:roflmfao: :upsidedown:

    time to get a lotto ticket:roflmfao: :lol:
  4. LOL I wish I would win the lottery!:tender: But I have never been blessed with that kind of luck unfortunately:shrugs: Man! You're so lucky to be able to find these:graucho:
  5. ooohhh u're so lucky amour. i would love the work...
    in that delicious colour, the bigger the better :P
  6. I think it really depends upon you ... and what you enjoy carrying more.
  7. Lucky gal! Either will work, but Nhelle, based on the picture of you carrying the magenta fist (assuming that it was you), I would recommend the turquoise first. You look so adorable with that style! :flowers:
  8. I would say Turq First :love:
    because I prefer light colour in small size...
  9. both sound great but i think i would buy the one you will use more.
  10. Go for the work! But if you don't, you should tell me your source so I can get the work! :yes: :sneaky:
  11. OHHHHH I would get the Work, that color in a bigger size would be just
    gorgeous!:heart: :P
  12. OMG, Amour-girl, where do you keep finding all of these amazing bags?!?! :search:
  13. ^^ the classique is from a PF member too, but haven't been posting for quite sometime. She's one of the closest friend i have here whom I get to talk to over the phone and email often. The work is from a very reputable ebay seller:tender:

    I really would want the work...big problem though- FUNDS!!!:crybaby:
  14. ^^Is there something else that you have that you're not as in love with that you could sell to purchase both?
  15. wow, that's great girl, i think either one would be amazing :tender: ...but if you really want the work, i'd find a way to get it, cause if you get the classique when your :heart:'s after the work, you might end up disappointed :sad: