1. I was wondering.. I wanted to get the legacy framed french purse.. but it has the turnlock closure.. I'm afraid that the turnlock after many uses would break off.. :sad:

    Is this a concern that has happened/common? ><
  2. I have had the slim envelope black leather legacy wallet for about a year and I have not had a problem with it yet (knock on wood)!
  3. I share that same concern, & have actually experienced that problem in the past; even with expensive bags! I've considered buying the Ali, but am worried that the turnlock may break (or loosen) after awhile. The part(s) that will fall apart or break on any bag are typically those that are handled the most often.
  4. I have quite a few Legacy pieces that I purchased in 2006 when Coach launched the 65th Anniversary collection and none of the turnlocks have loosened or fell off. That includes both the leather french purse and slim envelope wallet which have both gotten a TON of use. There was an issue with the very first batch but that was corrected a long time ago. There will be flukes, too, where you get a bag with a bad turnlock but there aren't any more widespread problems.