turnlocks uncomfortable on a dog?

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  1. anyone have any experience on the turnlock collar? I want a brown collar for him but am apprehensive if he'll find it heavy and uncomfortable. TIA:flowers:
  2. How big is your pup? You should just get him the striped one goofball!
  3. ^^LOL I know right, thats what I wanted at first, but then thought I should go for something brown for him, since he had one a while ago (before it broke...again) and I liked the way it looked on him, but hes only a year old, I'll have many more years to get him a brown one. What leash would go with it? Debating should I get him the set or the cashmere sweater..
  4. I THINK there is a striped leash, the cashmere sweater would be so flippin cute!
  5. Really?! Oh maybe I could just get the leash and then the sweater..
  6. Get the matching leash/ collar set AND the sweater - I bought my lil girl the striped collar, it's on it's way, but she's too small for that adorable sweater...

    Then your pup will match your new striped Zoe - awww, you've got to post pics!
  7. ^^LOL true! I would have grabbed up that carrier if it had a top for him to sit his head out of and had a shoulder strap.
  8. ^^Yeah that carrier is TDF, I really want it but I don't take her with me very often and I just recently purchased a pink and black hounds tooth carrier for her which she decided she hates and chewed a hole thru it - I couldn't risk it on the coach carrier...
  9. He's actually really good about it. The only time he chews on his collar if I stupidly left it in a place for him to chew, he'll chew on his leash when he's acting smart, and bags he just sniffs and pokes his face in, but I couldn't just stuff him in there and just walk around.
  10. My pup has this one in the XS size, and it seems pretty heavy on her neck, so i'm hoping the striped collar is lighter since it isn't all leather...I really want the leash to go with it but my Coach fund is starting to run low... ;)
  11. ^^I have that in black for my baby! He actually likes it more then the other one I had for him, and it doesn't turn his neck the color of the collar LOL.
  12. aarti, all your posts about your westie make me want one so badly!! I wish I could have a cute little dog like you. Someday...good luck finding him some fab accessories!
  13. ^^ I love my dog, no matter how CRAZY he makes me most of the time. Best family I got, so whatever money I would spend on my family, I spend on him LOL.
  14. Westies are great, get all the benefits of a big woofy dog in a compact frame perfect for my lifestyle.