Turnlock Teri lovers: Tell me what you love about this bag


Halt and Salute
Aug 6, 2006
I'm in need of a bag that is large enough for me to take to recruiting fairs, but under the radar in terms of flashy, as I don't want my bag to stereotype me or the company I represent (so my LV BH is out of the question) I thought maybe the MbyMJ Turnlock Teri might be the perfect bag - roomy, pretty but not screaming logos...what do you all love about this bag, and is it worth the money quality wise?

TIA ladies

Oh and would you get camoflage or putty? I like them both...


Mar 16, 2007
I think it's a great casual bag that doesn't scream "designer" like alot of other bags do. I love the three compartments and the amount of pockets in the bag is great! I have a Teri and it's pretty much my everyday bag. I think the quality of the bag is great - the only thing I dislike is the relatively short handle length and as much as I like the leather, I got mine stained quite easily (and I'm the kind of person who is extremely cautious with all my bags!). I think treating the leather before you use it would help.

I think it would be a great bag for work, especially since it's on sale right now at BG! Let us know if you get it! I personally like the camo color over the beige.


Apr 22, 2007
I love my Teri because I can fit a TON of stuff in it (including files and papers) but it doesn't look like an enormous bag. The front pockets are great for holding my cell phone, Blackberry, metro card, sunglasses, etc. I really like the leather (I have the camo) and the smooshy straps.