Turnlock Hobo in Merlot

  1. Hello fellow HHH!! I haven't bought a new HH in FOREVER!! I was browsing on their website recently and noticed the Turnlock Hobo in merlot. The stock pics make the bag look metallicy and cheap, but after watching the video - the merlot is actually a deep, wine colour (which is what I was hoping for). I chatted with CS and they confirmed it was indeed a deep, rich, wine colour.

    I have a code so I got the bag for $126.00 shipped. I received the bag last week and overall the bag is great. The colour is rich, the vintage patent leather is nice - and the bag is very lightweight. The light gold hardware looks great against the bag as well.

    My only beef? It didn't come with a dustbag. I emailed HH about it and they said that only some Hayden for Hayden Harnett bags come with dust bags. WTH? I know it's not a huge deal but you would think that a dustbag should be standard.

    Anyhoo, here's a quick pic. The colour is a lot more deeper irl.

  2. Nice to see you, kings! :biggrin:
    Hope you enjoy the bag, I agree, no dustbag stinks.
  3. That's nice kings - how smooshy is it? I'm very tempted by something in the patents.
  4. Cho - How are you??????

    mothbeast - The patent leather is nice and pliable. It still has some structure now, but I think that with use it will break in slightly. The leather seems quite durable.
  5. Your pic of the merlot is so much prettier than the stock pics! Glad you're liking it - I'm with you though. I wasn't thrilled when my terrific turnlocks tote came without a dust bag either.
  6. ^^

    The stock pics make the merlot colour look metallic, which it isn't at all. It is a deep, delicious red wine colour. Very nice and to me it seems more like a glazed leather than patent. I am loving the bag so far. Very comfy and lightweight. The back pocket is great as well.
  7. I have this bag as well. I had been carrying for a couple of months since I got it and recently switched out bags but couldn't find the dust bag. :search: thank you for reminding me it didn't come with one!