Turnlock Heidi VS. Totally Turnlock Bowler

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  1. It seems to me that the furor and excitement that was so apparent with the totally turnlock bowler pales in comparison to the excitement over the Heidi. The Heidi was and still is readily available at Saks, Nordies etc...but ladies including myself still persisted in the search for the original turnlock bowler.

    My question is...why? How come the Heidi doesnt muster up as much excitement...your thoughts are appreciated.

    This came about b/c I saw the Heidi in Cordovan at Nordies and am in love with the color but soooo wish that the shape was that of the original bowler.

  2. i can't say why the heidi bowler hasn't mustered as much hype as the totally turnlock bowler, but personally, i didn't like the buckles on the side or the pocket (i prefer the two pockets on the totally turnlock version). also, when i saw it irl, i realized that it is much bigger than the tt bowler. it had a lot of stuffing in it and once you take it all out, it completely loses its shape.

    the cordovan color is gorgeous though. i would buy it in a hearbeat if it came in the tt bowler style. however, i am tempted to get the quinn in this color.
  3. I prefer the TT Bowler because it was a little smaller. The Heidi is a little too big for me. For some reason the MBMJ bags this season have either been too big ot too small. I haven't been able to find on that's just right.

    I never bought the TT Bowler because I didn't like the colors I could find it in. If they had it in the Cordovan I provbably would have bought it.
  4. I bought and returned the heidi. Once I took out the stuffing, the bag just deflated and looked like a saggy duffel. :yucky: I missed out on the bowler.

  5. I agree with what everyone said below. However, the color cordovan is just to die for. I got it in Teri and it's the best purchase this year!
  6. It is, but I wouldn't get it in the heidi. I wonder if the mimi loses its shape when unstuffed like the heidi. I think they're about the same size.
  7. Yahh, I would like to hit Marc up and be like, dude, no one likes the Heidi. Why dont you make the totally turnlock bowler like before in those kick ass colors like firebird red and carbon blue and maybe a nice aubergine purple...
  8. I had a dream about the bowler in Firebird red. It was creepy how real it was. I was in a store and there was a black bowler and a firebird bowler sitting side by side. Women were swarming all throughout the store but didnt seem to see the two bowlers. I was beside myself with excitement and I picked up the red bowler...and woke up. WTF kind of sh*t is that!