Turnlock Heidi from Nordstrom

  1. So I've never used it and don't think I ever will because its HUGE! Besides that, when you take out the stuffing it completely loses its shape and it looks like a flabby duffel or weekend bag. Problem is, when I received the bag, I ripped off the tags in excitement. I think I still have the tags and I definitely still have the packing slip. Do you think I have a shot at returning it? If only for store credit? (In which case I'll wait a few months and use it towards my F07 bone blake!!)
  2. nope nevermind. don't have the packing slip. my mother threw it away along with the box. and eBay's not an option because someone would probably want a refund for the same reason I did. And I don't feel like going through that trouble. $450.00 gone. Down with the turn lock heidi!!
  3. If you paid with a credit card Nordstrom can look up the transaction and you should be able to return the bag. Nordstrom has a very generous return policy. Good luck!!
  4. really? great!
  5. yay i found the tags. no packing slip though.
  6. You shouldn't need the packing slip, just the tags. If you are still worried, you can call Nordstrom and make sure they won't need it for the return.
  7. You should be able to at least get store credit. Good luck.
  8. Hey Frances!! Where have you been girl!!! I would def try and send that bag back...$$ going towards a blake is worth begging for IMO!!!! I've decided to put off my purchase of the black blake until fall..I wouldn't use it during the summer anyway..and it's something to look forward too...plus I just paid off the bills from my latest Prada binge and it feels good not having that hanging over my head....Wish we were neighbors...we could go pick them up together!!!
    That ticks me off about that bag you bought....You took the stuffing out and it sags? That's awful!! Didn't anyone figure that out before deciding to market this bag? I'm so sure you will have no probs returning this...But please keep us posted!!!

    What did you think of the workmanshio on the M by MJ bag anyway? Was it as good as MJ bags? WHat are the main differences? --I'll keep checking this thread for the outcome...GOODLUCK!!!
  9. Nordstrom's is known for their customer-friendly service so maybe the return will be ok. Good luck--sorry it didn't work out.
  10. You should definately be able to get store credit for it, if not even a full return. My brother works at nords, and always tells me people get returns back on the worse things. Items that they don't even carry get store credit. Even some used shoes. Well if you get mean enough that is. The things people do aye?

    But in your case, you should get it back for sure!
  11. awesome! Hi Emmy! I had midterms then spring break and went away again for Easter. Yeah the blake has grown on me A LOT. It's elegant and so practical. So much more practical than the venetia I think. Besides I already have a couple of handhelds and I need a good shoulder bag. Can't wait for the F07 colors to come out. :yahoo:
  12. ^ Did you manage to return it?

    I always thought the Heidi was similar to the Turnlock bowler. It seemed like it would keep its shape well, but I guess since it's a bit larger and the leather is so soft, I can see how it would just collapse!

    When do the FW07 bags/colors start to come out??
  13. can i see a picture of how this bag looks on? i want it in green maybe.. i am so all over the place..
  14. ^ Yes, that would be helpful!!

    If anyone has the Heidi, will you be able to take photos of you holding it? Was there anything you didn't like about the bag? And is it the same size (roughly) as the turnlock bowler?

  15. I returned it without a problem, they credited it back to my card. I don't have any pictures modeling it, but I'm 5'8, 128 lbs and the bag looked monstrous on me. It's larger than the turnlock bowler. It's tote sized. But come to think of it, it's even bigger than the teri. And for a bag that shape and style to be that size, to me it just didn't look right. The original turnlock bowler is cute and keeps it's shape. When the stuffing is taken out of this bag, its like someone popped a balloon. Even when I put my wallet (continental sized), sungalsses, eyeglasses, agenda, novel I was reading at the time, and cosmetic case inside, it still didn't have that bowler shape. I kept adding things to the bag to get it back it's shape. I put in a notebook, a magazine and realized how completely ridiculous (and heavy!) it was and that it would have to go back.