Turnlock Heidi Bowler - Can someone please post some pics :)

  1. I've been looking on the net for some pics of this bag unstuffed... and also on someone's shoulder.. no luck!

    Please if someone has one could they post some pics.

    Where I live this bag is unavailable so I will be ordering online... I would love to see some 'unofficial' pics or at least get some advice from tpf'ers before I do!

    Thanks :smile::heart:
  2. what are people thoughts on the bag... I have never seen it irl, so any opinions would be greatly appreciated :smile:
  3. Ehhhhhhh, I wouldnt buy it. Ive heard many negatives about the bag, primarily that it looks horrid un-stuffed. I contemplated buying it b/c I was so in love with the original bowler but I decided that the Heidi...just kinda sucks. Its too big, looks bad when its not stuffed to the brim, and Im not feeling the one turnlock enclosure. Sorry I couldnt provide you with any pics. Lastly, the Heidi is readily available on eBay, at Saks, even NM online...whereas the bowler sold out everywhere and is very rare to find on eBay because of its popularity. Sorry if thats a bit harsh, but I really dont like the Heidi
  4. does anyone actually have one, who could share some opinions? thanks :smile:
  5. I have this handbag in camo, and it's actually a lovely purse, not too large, but just the right size. I was a little bemused by the description that it looked horrid unstuffed and, since I've yet to take it out (I've developed a horrible habit of buying more bags than I need, go figure), I did remove all the stuffing - and I think even unstuffed it looks fine. It fits nicely over the shoulder (not a lot of room left if you're wearing a jacket). All in all, a very nice quality bag, with a lot of room for loading, but still not overwhelming, and a nice design. I like it!