turnlock chipping!!!

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  1. did this ever happen to your bianca bags?. i just baught mine a few weeks ago from nords and i just noticed today that the turnlock is chipping...its really not that noticable when the turnlock is positioned vertically (or locked), but it just bugs me knowing i paid full price for the bag and this is the quality i expect.:yes::s thanks!!

    PS. I would return it but its the last one in the whole company (nords that is), and i dont know where else i could find a larga bianca in black in brand new/perfect condition.
  2. my turnlock came chipped too :cursing:
  3. ^ where did yours from? and which color do you have? is the hw gold or silver?
  4. I got my bag during the botkier sale online- it's the small cherry one with the silver/metal colored hardware. I know some of the other ladies experienced chipping on their biancas too
  5. Chipping?! I don't want to see any chipping on my Bianca!!
  6. I've also experienced some chipping/scratching, and I have a chocolate bianca with silver hardware. I baby that bag, so I don't know how it happened. The hardware must be much more fragile than it looks. I'm a little disappointed with the hardware overall, because my turnlock is loose/falling out, too. :sad:
  7. My turnlock fell off and I was able to send it to Botkier who did a beautiful job replacing it for $25 I think.
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