Turnlock Bowler Owners

  1. Thoughts? Pictures?
  2. I had one! Pictures are in the reference library under "post pictures of your Marc by MJ bags".

    It's a GREAT bag, leather is awesome, shape is perfect, and everything about it just right. I really am kicking myself for selling mine's.

    OHHH I know a PF member who recently got one (*cough cough SAM cough cough*) but she's on vacation at the moment.
  3. Frances are you thinking of getting one?
  4. yes ma'am!
  5. I LOVE my black turnlock bowler! It's light, soft and big enough for what I really need to lug around with me but not too big.

    I posted pics of my bags but I always have trouble.

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  6. ^^^^I have the exact same bag. It's been my everyday bag for most of the winter. Ditto to everything kmroboto said about hers. It's not a huge bag but it holds a TON! I liked mine so much I bought an identical one for my niece--she's a teacher and she loves hers too.
  7. I have to say I am in love with my black Turnlock Bowler. I'm currently carrying this bag and I have to agree that it can hold so much stuff! The leather is TDF and it smells so yummy. It's one of my fav purses! And you can't beat the price for such a great bag. I give it two thumbs up LOL!!
  8. I can't even find one anymore ._. And I saw the Heidi Turnlock Bowler today in Nordstroms and it was way too big (in my opinion).
  9. That's one's cute, but it's not the one I was talking about. It's the new one. I guess it's called the turn lock heidi, not bowler. But on some sites it says turn lock bowler. I went to bloomie's they had black and green... not sure of the official color name. I also went to Barney's co-op and they had it in chalk. but I think it looks like a big marshmellow in chalk. I also sa the turnlock hobo and tote in beige... but no heidi! The beige color was really gorgeous. It's almost pinkish. and the antiqued gold hardware really compliments it. The heidi is a little bigger than the turnlock bowler, and the straps are shorter so it's more of a handheld. I just ordered it from nordie's. I can't waitt. :wlae::yahoo:
  10. This is what I got:


    Nordstrom has it listed as turnlock bowler
  11. That's beautiful^^^^looks so soft. congratulations!
  12. I have been thinking about getting the Heidi and that's such a pretty color that you ordered Frances!! Post pics when you receive it! Congrats!!