Turnlock Bowler Back for Spring '08?!?

  1. Its on nm.com... is it some sort of mistake? They do tend to make mistakes when making new additions. But upon closer review, the turnlocks were of the circular kind as opposed to the oval turnlocks of seasons past... I can't wait to get my hands on one!!!! :yahoo: Marc, you sneak you.
  2. OMG!! I hope so!! I missed out on that one too and still search eBay all the time for one!! That will be awesome if it's true!!! :love:
  3. It's definately new for Spring 08. The Turnlocks are different as you mentioned. I hope it comes in other colors!
  4. WOW I cant believe this! How many of you are going to buy one?!
  5. OMG you're right! I've been looking for a brown for ages, maybe some better colours will come out. :smile:
  6. ...The new MbMJ leather looks awfully pebbled though IMO...
  7. i've noticed that recently too. while the leather is still nice and durable, it's not as soft and "smooshy" as it used to be. here's hoping that it comes in beautiful colors. that should at least make up for the difference.
  8. I am!! They had them listed at bloomingdales. I put one in my shopping cart and went to checkout.. but it was no longer available. :crybaby:Damn you bloomingdales. I can't wait until March?!?!!!
  9. i did too... was it a mistake at bloomies? i am going to check the stores! i can't find it anywhere else... =(
  10. There she is :girlsigh::love:
  11. yes, but it's sold out?!?!
  12. Bumping because I'm wondering, has anyone heard of other colors being released in spring? I'd love this in brown or red...Thanks.
  13. I would like to know about colors, too....hopefully in white?