Turnkey Lock - Crazy ????

  1. I just bought a Kelly last month and am wondering if your turn key lock on the Kelly or Birkin was loose or tight when you bought it.
    All my other bags were tight. Sounds funny...loose or tight.:roflmfao:
    Is that ok if it's loose?...so crazy I know but it's 1:18 AM so humor me please.:blink:
  2. Depends how wild Miz Kelly was in her youth? :graucho:

    Sorry... Too early to think and my mind becomes like a Welsh railway: one track and dirty.
  3. I had this problem with I received my turquoise - it was loose!! I was disappointed until checking with someone (not the seller) who relieved me by saying some were and some weren't -- my others are tighter but one bag is in between --
  4. Tight, loose, tight, loose...hmm...I never really gave it much thought. Now I will!

    I do find this interesting. Wonder why?
  5. oh this is very interesting. in one of the pictures on mika's blog, she has a picture of the turnkey unscrewed from the plate, which i didn't realize you could do - so now i'm interested in the mechanics of how it works exactly. and i wonder what would contribute to it being tight v. loose. that is very odd that hermes would be inconsistent on something like this, something that might effect the customer's confidence in the product. lovehermes, have you asked your SA about it yet?
  6. I am wondering too HiHeels. I did ask my SA when I purchased the Kelly and she said it was ok. It just doesn't seem right. I wish Hermes would be consistent too.
  7. that would sort of make me nuts. hopefully more people will post about loose turnkeys - for some reason, that would make me feel better. this is the first thing i've heard of that sounds inconsistent. it might be a while, so someone could easily beat me to it, which would be great, but i will definitely ask the craftsman in nyc, claude if possible, the next time i go in. you could also definitely call and ask to speak to him about it on the phone - he really ought to know better then an SA about such matters.
  8. Thanks HiHeels! That's a good idea to call Claude in NYC. I think I'll do that. They could probably tighten it if needed...don't know. Thanks!
  9. oh i'm looking forward to hearing what you find out. i wouldn't be able to go before saturday. it is already 90 degrees here, real feel 100 and it's 10am. i'm not setting foot outside today or tomorrow other then to check the mail.
    even if i feel unsure that this loose turnkey ought to be happening on an hermes bag, i feel 100% that claude can make us all feel better about it, either by saying it's okay, or by tightening it. :flowers:

    i just wanted to add - lovehermes, thank you for bringing this issue up!
  10. Hmmm - I've never heard of this! Mine is "just right."
    Please Let us know what Claude says..
  11. I've noticed on my Kellys/Birkins that some turnkeys are looser than others, but I never really gave it much importance...But I'd love to know what Claude says...:yes:
  12. thank you for your input. this is interesting.
  13. Apparently that is a photo of a bag one of their customers brought in for repair. The turnkey has actually broken off in that photo, not unscrewed. I wonder if they managed to repair it...

  14. :wtf:
    oh, this is a bad bad story. yikes. and i never would have known. thank you for that info.
    it's a bad story though.
  15. I just checked mine and it's kinda loose on the Chocolate Sellier, tight on all the rest even the Vintage combo and the HAC. Hmmmmm.....