Turning Fobs & Charms into Jewlery?

  1. Hi everyone :smile:
    I started hanging certain fobs from a leather cord and wearing them as a necklace. Has anyone else tried this? Some look really cool like the Brass Script Heart, Purple ombre heart, and amethyst flower looks awesome with my purple blouses!! (My fav color!!:graucho: ) I have gotten many compliments!
    I just take the ring off and usually the tag too, haven't gotten as far as taking off the extra circles but didn't feel the need to. I've seen some listed on eBay where people disassemble the fobs completely to make small earrings and stuff.
    I should take a few pics and add them when I get home. :supacool: . Have a great day!!:smile:
  2. can't wait to see!
  3. I don't think it's legal for people to disassemble and create jewelery from it and then sell it... I could be wrong but I think it is copyright infringement..

    I'm sure if you do it on your own it's okay -- it's the selling part that's not legal.
  4. l thought about doing this w/ the rainy day key fob. as for using gnarms or other key fobs, how do you remove the ring w/out harming the leather on the charm?
  5. Gosh...that's a really interesting one...I know that there are a ton of restrictions when using trademarked and copywrited fabrics. Also Swarovski crystals are strictly regulated - I can't say that I make 'Swarovski bracelets' even if I use Swarovski crystals in my bracelets because they aren't actually made BY Swaroski. I can use the crystals and say in the description that I'm using them.

    I don't know what the rule is for this sort of thing. I'd imagine that it's similar...you can't call them "Coach Earrings" but could use components that are made by Coach. Does that make sense?

    I'd be curious if this falls under copywrite infringement.
  6. IMO...i carry a coach bag stuffed to the gills with coach accessories (wallet, makeup case, wristlet, cell phone charm), a coach key fob, and coach sunglasses in a coach signature case...

    the last thing I need to complete my coach wh*re look would be custom jewelry. heheh

    it's a bit "too much" to me...but to each their own!
  7. I had an auction pulled from eBay a few years ago when I tried to sell some "illegal" Dick and Jane fabric!! :p

    Surprised me -- but apparently the fabric was made without the consent of the Dick and Jane 'company' or whatever. I still have it.

  8. It is an interesting debate.. I think the difference is intended use. Swarovski crystals are generally intended for use in or on something (like jewelery, clothing, etc) - where coach keyfobs and charms are intended to be just that - they're not sold with intent to dissamble and reassemble into jewelry. I think it runs into copyright infringement if someone other than Coach is profiting off something with the "Coach" logo on it.. and clearly the charms all say "Coach" on it.

    I have no legal background -- just a feeling I have..

    again i think it's ok to do anything for personal use just not for financial gain.

  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I just imagine someone walking down the street looking like they are swimming in "C"s... Coach cashmere shirt, Coach overcoat, Signature scarf, Crusher hat, Signature shoes, Coach jewelry, Sunglasses, and Carrying a large Signature Coach bag like the Mandy and a small one like a hamptons nylon tote as a lunch bag.... LOL... I mean, just imagine it for a minute. :p

  10. I think thats silly. They arent really making that much money off of that anyway. The person selling the item had to pay for it so that means Coach got there $58 It seems that she can maybe make 3 sets from 1 keyfob??? Thats 75$ and she is giving free shipping. For her time and supplies to make them would be the $17. I would actually buy that for 25$ and I wouldnt buy the keyfob for $58

    If someone was wanting a pair of earings I dont think they should have to go out and spend $58 and have 3 pairs of the same thing.


    I dont really care one way or the other actually hehe

  11. I agree with you on this one. I think is is enough to carry a handbag with accessories. The jewelry stuff is just too much for my taste. I only wear gold and silver jewelry anyway. My earlobes are allergic to any other kind of metal.
  12. well said, it's a little ridiculous, and it's kinda fake to me since it's not authentic Coach, its made from pieces