Turning a spare closet into a handbag harem! I AM A GEEK!

  1. Or something like that!

    Anyhoo, I got tired of hanging up my bags on hangers in my closet. As my collection grew and space became even more tight, I decided to pull a Martha Stewart-esque move and *attempt* to create a cozy little organized nook for my little babies.

    1st shot is of a standing rack with mostly Rebecca Minkoff, Botkier, and Bulga

    2nd shot is of my train cases on the floor

    3rd shot is of my "supplies" for when I want to clean my bags, inspect my bags, or whatever else. Includes Apple Guarde lotion, cleaner, and spray, Magic Rub Eraser, Tide Pen, AntiBac sanitizer for when I want to touch and caress my bags, and razor blades for opening new purchases!

    4th shot is of my more casual purses

    5th shot is of the same
  2. 6th shot is of my wallets standing up in a shoebox ( a little ghetto, I know, but it works!)

    7th shot is of the second rack which is perpendicular to the first one. Its a little emptier than the other rack. It has my two Gustto Bacas, and two MBMJ totes. Underneath those bags are my Chameleon inserts, a square fabric bin to store little things, a Marc Jacobs box that has a Marc Jacobs zip clutch in it, and a old Priority Mail box that I use to store my extra laptop computer. Underneath all that is a large box with a pair of knee high boots I have yet to wear!

    8th shot is of my two Rebecca Minkoff straps hanging from a hook on the wall

    9th shot is of my miscellaneous casual accessories like ipod (in a case) cosmetic bags, wristlets, all hanging from a coat rack thingy

    10th shot is of a drawer within the 7 drawer rolling cart. It shows 4 clutches (one of which is in a dust bag)
  3. 11th shot is of a drawer within the 7 drawer rolling cart and shows a bunch of dustbags which I should have folded but was too lazy to do so

    12th shot is of a drawer within the 7 drawer rolling cart and shows my "work" accessories like wristlet, coin purse, and cosmetic pouch

    13th shot is of a drawer within the 7 drawer rolling cart that shows more casual accessories like embroidered pouches and patent cosmetic bag

    14th shot is of a drawer within the 7 drawer rolling cart that shows my Barcelona bags (great for organizing!) and pursebrite organizer

    15th shot is of a drawer within the 7 drawer rolling cart that has a small cream colored Botkier bag inside. It is in a dust bag to protect it from getting marked.
  4. 16th shot is of the back of the door to this closet. I bought one of those hanging purse thingys and it enables you to hang your purses in a row. In this shot, there are the bags that dont really fare to well being set down and need to be hung up (like the Nico)
  5. and here is the view from outside of the closet/room/harem!

    I know I AM SUCH A GEEK! I love my handbags though, and organizing them like this and making them look pretty makes me happy :shame:
  6. My God! What is a spare closet??? LOL!
    All of ours are full........

    Your new harem is beautiful!!!!
  7. Hmm well its not really a closet. I guess maybe it is a broom room?? I dunno. I live in an apartment and there was this little room that is a little smaller than a bathroom. I suppose it was designated for storage but alas, I think I found a better way to utilize the space!

    Also here is another pic. I utilized the side of one of the racks to hang all those HH luggage tags, and chains that come with their bags. There are also a few charms there, and a Rebecca Minkoff chain
  8. Wow! Looks great! You could start a company like California Closets!!!
  9. Come to my house next!!!!!
  10. Good job!
  11. WOW!!! :drool: Great job!
  12. im so jealous...you have a spare closet??? i can only wish! You're not a geek, the closet looks great!! love your RM's!!!
  13. wow..you are really creative!!:yes:
  14. GUNG, that looks amazing, and so functional! I'm jealous!
  15. You did a great job GUNG!! I wish I had a extra room for all my bags lol