~ Turning a Quarter Century Reveal ~

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  1. Today I went to the Beverly Center and picked up a small gift since my birthday is 3 days away and I will be turning 25. They got a shipment for these yesterday and only had 2 left in the color and style I wanted when I got there. One was the display and the other my SA found in the back :biggrin: Yay! ​

  2. I never get in on live reveals! So cool, happy early birthday, can't wait to see what you got!!
  3. can't wait to see
  4. Congrats! Reveal! Reveal!
  5. First live reveal. Cant wait to see.
  6. Thank you Nordy's girl :heart:

    Please excuse my messy bed :s The first thing I did when I got home was whip out my camera and started taking pictures, lol.

  7. You're welcome, I'm so excited to see what you got!! Bring it on!!
  8. Open!
  9. lets see it girl im excited!
  10. Another live one!!!:dothewave:
  11. I've always wanted an LV wallet and was going to hold off until I built up a bigger handbag collection. But at this price, I couldn't resist! I looked at both the Josephine and Emilie in all 3 colors. They were all gorgeous but I could only take one home with me, so I picked the Emilie in red.

    Thank you for letting me share my pictures and joining in on my reveal :love:




  12. Congrats!
  13. Congrats it is so pretty! And happy birthday!
  14. Happy upcoming b-day!!
  15. congrats..and happy birthday!!!!!:yahoo: