Turning 45...What should I no longer wear?

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  1. Everyone has different opinions on this.... There have been similar threads on how old is too old. But specifically what looks in not good taste and not classy once you're over 45? I think big logos and words like "Juicy" and "Bebe" across chest does not look nice. I'm wondering if True Religions are not as appropriate. J Brands seem more subtle to me. I think even if you have thin legs that shorts out in public except the beach or your yard also don't look nice. What do the rest of you think?
  2. I think the most flattering length for dresses and skirts at any age is at the knee.
  3. It really depends on the person .
    Shorts Do not look nice on alot of 20 year old girls and they look fabulous on some 50 year old women .
  4. Shhhh, I'll be 40 in a year, don't say that! ;) 7FAM? I have a couple pairs that are pretty subtle.
  5. I think so much depends on what you're comfortable in and your body/shape, not your age. There are plenty of 18 year olds who are wearing things that those of us with a few more years and better judgement can only shake our heads at.

    At 45, you know your body and you know what flatters it and makes you feel confident and fabulous. Go with your gut and your taste and I suspect you'll rarely go wrong. On the flip side, I generally find that if I'm convincing myself I can make something work in the dressing room or before I go out in it - I'm usually wrong.

  6. I cannot agree more with this. I have seen tons of girls that should not under no circumstances be wearing things but it is not because of the age but because they do not suit them. I think the key is to wear what suits you well regardless if of the age. Just my two cents
  7. :goodpost:
  8. I agree with bipolarbear!

    What kind of TR do you wear? I feel that it's very loud, particularly the Super T's and Discos, etc. The best pairs out there (imo) are the simple pairs like Bobby or Johnny in a clean dark wash. If you love your TR, don't ditch it because you're a certain age! But if you are looking for a simpler jean that's not TR, go for COH, SFAM, and definitely Jbrand. Those are very classy.

    I just like simpler things and that really doesn't have anything to do with age! Wear what you love and what you know looks good.:P
  9. OK I'm 40 and here is my take. No bikinis. Shorts are ok as long as they are the longer bermuda style. Short-shorts are out. I agree having "Juicy" across your bottom is not exactly flattering.

    As for jeans, I think almost anything is o.k. as long as it is flattering on you. The only type of jean I would say no to is the highly distressed I am seeing lately (big holes). My neighbor is well into her 40s and wore a ripped up pair of jeans and it looked ridiculous.

    Really short tight tops with your belly hanging out is also not terribly flattering on 40 something.

    Just my two cents!
  10. Don't loose your fabulous attitute! I've seen plenty over 40 but still fashionable and edgy women!
    velour juicy seems fine with me.. maybe better than terry : )
  11. I agree with bipolarbear. There are many things that younger women cannot wear just because of their age, and there are plenty of things that older women CAN wear, regardless of age. It is all about wearing what is appropriate for your body. I also strongly agree with the idea that if you have to talk yourself into thinking it is okay, it probably isn't. If you wonder whether you will look like you are trying too hard in something, you will. If you wonder whether something looks too young, then it probably does. But otherwise it is highly likely that whatever you are comfortable in and the mirror approves is fine,
  12. I agree that it's more about what works for you and your body than it is about age.
  13. I am not that age yet, but I really wanted to follow this thread. I think anything after the age of 25.....don't wear sweats, unless you need to after you had surgery or you are locking yourself up in your room!
    I agree about length of skirts and dresses is always good at the knee. Don't start the bee hive hairdoo or start cutting your hair short, short and short! Just keep moisturizing your hair to maintain your hair shine. I don't think short, shorts would be appropriate, unless you want to be remembered as a former professional exotic dancer. Maybe, wearing more richer material and having a great attitude is all you need to do. I don't enjoy looking at mature woman who wear WalMart, Sears type of clothing.
  14. I agree with everybody else, it really isn't about the age, you should wear what looks good on you and what you feel comfortable in. My mom is turning 50 and we still share a ton of clothes! (I'm 17)
    But I do sometimes think she should put on a longer skirt, though :P
  15. One other wonderful thing about turning 'a certain age' is there comes a certain point where whatever's 'in' is something you've done before.

    I don't need to try on jodphurs, high-waisted jeans or a host of other fashion disasters (for me) because I know they don't suit my body. I can look back through scrapbooks and save myself the time and $.

    I wish I could take back those fashion oops, but the wonderful thing is, I know now what makes me look and feel fabulous. I'm hoping that when I'm 70, I'll have an even better idea!