Turned down my first birkin offer

  1. My SA called, i have bought a few things, that the had a 50cm Graphite Clemence Birkin w/ GHW.. well for everday 50cm is huge, even for my man bag. and i just spent a small fortune on new LV luggage.. so was i stupid to turn it down? im still looking for my 40cm togo/clemence black birkin with PHW!! but i did order a black bearn
  2. Don't worry. I think you'll be getting more phone calls. You did right by not accepting and holding out. 50cm is too big even for a man!
  3. Dear SCCA:

    It's TOO BIG then it's too big and you should NOT just settle for it!!!

    Hope you get the dream bag soon....
  4. good call. 40 birkin black togo is hot, dont let other things sway you
  5. Best not to settle. You decided on the 40. Good decision.
  6. IMO, 50 is too heavy unless you fly private. Your perfect bag will come...

    p.s. I have a 40 graphite clemence, and it has given me tendonitis in my arm ("Birkinitis").
  7. I will say give it a pass.
  8. Nope, you weren't stupid. You should always buy whatever sings to you as it is your $$$.
  9. I agree with everyone, I turned down a kelly a few days ago, I felt very bad for the SA but I would rather wait and get exactly what I would like. Dont worry, Hermes are still making bags and you will get what you desire.x
  10. Not at all. You'd only be stupid to take something that didn't feel right and cost a fortune.
  11. You did the right thing....the right bag will come along.
  12. It's not a stupid move. It's good that you turned down that Birkin 50. It's super huge. Just stick to something that you want and you know you are going to use especially if you spend a fortune on it.
  13. you did the right thing, it's too expensive a bag to settle for one you don't really want.

    i do wish i was super strong so i could carry around a 50, i think they look great! or that they'd make a birkin with wheels :lol: it might not look quite right though :s
  14. If one should carry a birkin on one arm all the time and suffer "Birkinitis":lol:, what do you call someone who carries a birkin on alternate arms and still suffer Birkinitis? "Bibirkinitis" :upsidedown:

    Yes, I agree. Pass on the 50. It's an impossible bag to use with ease and grace, without having to haul it from time to time. It's already so heavy on its own without anything in it, can you imagine what it will feel like when it's stuffed? The day I own a 50, I must be able to hire a porter full time!