Turned down for Lasik - any other eye procedures?

  1. I really wanted to get Lasik done but was just told yesterday my corneas are too thin to get it done. :sad: The Lasik doctor suggested I look into interocular lenses - I guess where they insert a permanent contact lens into your eye? I tried looking up online and saw that PRK might be another option for me. Has anyone else here gotten rejected for Lasik and done any of the other procedures? Any suggestions or advice?
  2. I was watching Extreme Makeover the other night and the woman on there was also turned down due to thin corneas. They did another procedure (I'm so sorry, I don't know what it was called) and it worked great. She had a longer recovery than Lasik, though. Hopefully someone else here can offer more help!
  3. My corneas were too thin as well. I got the PRK procedure. You are supposed get one eye done at a time because the healing time is longer. The procedure is PAINLESS, about the same as regular lasik. The healing time is about 1 month. You will be able to see out of that eye but it's really hazy/blurry (hence one eye at a time). As the days go by and the eye heals it get clearer and clearer until your eyesight is perfect.Then on to the next eye! I waited 2 months in between eyes, I just kept my contact in the untreated eye.

    It was really weird cause the first eye took about a month to heal and the second eye took a week?!! The doctor said that has happened to a lot of people. It just depends on the eye I guess. Maybe you'll get lucky.

    Getting the procedure was one of my best decisions ever... NO MORE CONTACTS:yahoo:
  4. i am doing this procedure called Orthokeratology, Corneal Refractive Therapy and/or Overnight Corneal reshaping. I wear contacts to sleep and take them out in the morning. my vision is 20/20. only drawback is that i have to wear it everynight. it's like retainers. i have been doing this for over a year and i think it's fantastic.
  5. I also do the overnight coreal reshaping and I love it. I dont have to worry about contacts throughout the day and my vision is also 20/20, but like laksalala said, the only downfall is you have to wear them every night or your eyesite will go back to its original state.
  6. Do a search of my threads, I had PRK done last October. The problem is that some people's corneas are too thin for either procedure. My eye doctor can't even have it done because hers are too thin!
  7. Ooh, that overnight corneal reshaping sounds cool! Unfortunately I just looked it up online and it can only go up to -6.0 (my right eye is -7.5). So that won't work for me.

    I have a consultation on Friday for PRK, and next week for LASEK. Both sound like they have painful recoveries though, so I'm not thrilled about it.

    Roo, I tried figuring out how to do a search of your posts, but it just gives me a list of all your posts and no way to search within them? I would hate to go through 4,000 posts to find one...