Turnaround Ligne from 2016 Fall Act I

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  1. So Act I is trickling in slowly, and I am sharing some sneak peeks of the Turnaround ligne.

    My first few observations:

    1) Looks very similar to the boy bag, but I see where the name is derived from as some parts look upside town or "turned around"
    2) is made of the washed caviar leather that will be used for many of the bags (including classics) for Act I
    3) Flaps come in 3 sizes (small square $3,200, small rectangular $3,200, medium/large $3,400) and tote $4,200 (Love the look of the tote) - attachments in this order.

    Other notes: not sure how well the matte/washed caviar will wear... I do love the look but not the material. What say you guys, TPF?
    (mods - couldn't decide whether this belongs in Chanel General or Shopping, so please move if needed)

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  2. Thank you for the pics! Personally I'm not a big fan of the matte look...oh well, gotta stay positive! My wallet will be happy!
  3. The square flap is cute, but there are better options out there IMO.
  4. Thanks for the pics. Very interesting. I just wish it's not washed caviar. The purple color is lovely, just really not a fan of that type of leather. Need to wait for more info and review from others.
  5. Not liking this style at all! I hated this clasp on the patent SLG's that were available for SS and still hate it now. Looks like a knock off Chanel CC clasp
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  6. +1 I agree completely
    Love the shapes, not so much the washed caviar
    Oh come on Chanel!!
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  7. Thank you for these pics! I like the look of the washed for certain bags, but not classics. Let's hope they will be gorg! My DH is hoping they are ugly! Lol!
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  8. It looks like some of the clasps are supposed to look like the boy clasp but they forgot to close it or something... haha
  9. I guess Karl is not listening to us this for this season. If he was, he'd be bringing back a black mini in caviar.
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  10. I am not a fan just looking at the pics. Maybe better IRL?
  11. Hahah the last sentence made me laugh, lol.
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  12. +1