Turn ons

  1. (This is a companion to the Turn offs thread)

    What particular things do you like about the opposite (or same) sex.

    A person's ability to make me laugh makes them about that much more attractive to me.

    That doesn't mean I want to be told nothing but dirty jokes, however. I find the occasional blue joke very funny, though.
  2. Smart
    Observes proper hygiene
  3. - Caring
    - Polite
    - Funny
    - Neat
  4. Hilarious - not in a smutty way, but a clever way
    Well Groomed
    Sparkly Eyes
    Nice Teeth
  5. Well mannered
    Well groomed
    Considerate & caring
    Good sense of humour
    Few bob (£) wouldn't go amiss either :roflmfao:
  6. turn on to get me in the mood:
    kisses, and some light S&M play. lol. :sweatdrop:

    turn on to get me to like the guy:
    cute smile, sense of humor, grounded, considerate, respectful, open minded, and giving (not material wise, but with arguments/etc.. if they give to my way, or whatnot, i see that's an amazing quality, cuz a lot of people [guys esp] are hard headed, and when they give in to me, that makes me smile tons cuz i'll give in to them also. compromise! :biggrin: )

    oh.. and having a steady good paying job (i don't want no scrub!) and life goals are a must. they can live at home, as long as they know what they're doing in the next 3, 5, 10 years.

    oh.. and if they have no idea what designer brands are.. all the better. well some idea is alright.. but i rather them not know everything i know.. cuz then he's not as masculine as i thought.. they otherwise turn into flaming 'mo's. even though they say they're not.. they really are.
  7. :graucho:
  8. i go weak at the knees when lads havent shaved for a day or two and have some very light stubble ooooooooh :smile: *melts*
  9. Respectful
    Brown Hair
    Brown Eyes
  10. Red hair (hehe)
    Nice teeth
    Well mannered...
  11. Smart
    Kind to children & puppies
  12. chemistry is key....Someone who can always make you smile no matter what.
  13. In terms of humor, I like a combination of both. I like the sarcastic dry wit, but sometimes I like a good dirty joke every now and again.
  14. Since the obvious traits have been posted....
    Long, lean beautiful hands and fingers w/clean, neat nails. (My dh has beautiful hands!!)
    What is that part of the guy that shows when wearing bathing trunks...on their lower abs...their hip bones...?? Yummy.
  15. I know what you mean! That visible separation between the torso and the leg? I LOVE that!