Turn on SATC for SJP's DAZZLING....

  1. it's either croc or alligator.... birkin! You know, the fabulous red ones we've seen pictures of? That episode is on WGN!

    Sorry, had to share. i am DROOLING.:tup:
  2. ^ I love that Birkin. 30 rouge H croc?
  3. THat's probably it. I'm still learning my stuff. But I'd sell.... my entire collection... for that one bag. And I know it wouldn't be enough ! LOL!
  4. ^ It's The All-Time Perfect Bag!!!!
  5. I had this pic in my computer since forever so I cannot credit it.


    Please feel free to delete if inappropriate.

    I thought her's was a Rouge Vif.
    Rouge H has browner tones? I'm probably wrong though....
  6. Wow, that is such a gorgeous color!
  7. Love the bag! Don't know if I'd be eating a dripping popsicle in such close proximity. ;) *LOL*
  8. Love the bag and LOVE SATC!!!

    Those are some lucky girls! And SJP in particular because she was able to keep everything!!!!
  9. did anyone see the birkin she carried in the episode when she met Heather locklear and confronted nina katz? love the colour!

  10. Oh I do, that vile Nina Katz she needed a :bagslap:! I think it was either Bleu Roi or Thalassa Blue, not sure but was too dark for Blue Jean. I think that one was SJP's own but could be talking pure rot! Oh I do miss SATC.
  11. I seem to recall someone saying the colour was Braise and I was eh, you sure Missus? But it looks darker in this pic and when Carrie is carrying it when she and Petrovsky are in William Sonoma or somewhere it does look more Braisey.
  12. That's a scene from the show where Samantha was getting chemo. Was that Birkin SJP's or part of the show's wardrobe?
  13. Its Rouge VIF matt
  14. wow. that bag is beautiful.....
  15. ^ Isn't it?

    guess what? It was borrowed and went back to the store, so someone actually got to own this baby!! (or so I was told by a stylist mate of mine).