Turn Lock on Willis question

Mar 5, 2009
I have had my Willis for two weeks now and have carried her a total of four days. I just noticed what looks like the silver finish wearing off from opening and closing the turn lock. I am a little disappointed with that. Has anyone else noticed this? I tried my best to get a pic of it but my camera isn't the best.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like there is a scratch off to the edge of the turn lock plate, not normal wear from the turn lock itself. If that's the case, I wouldn't worry about it, as the hardware will get little nicks or wear from normal use.
Have you removed the plastic protectant on the turnlock? Most of mine have come with plastic coating to protect the hardware before use and that may be your issue. Just peel off the plastic. It's the same stuff they use on some of the Poppy hangtags that you have to remove before regular use.