TURN HIM IN! Help Me Please!!!!!!!! Urgent!!!

  1. What? I can't believe it, I am stunned. What can we do to help? I am guessing as it is your rather than any of 'our' listings, eBay won't recognise TPF member reports? Or do you think it worth a try?
  2. I can't eben turn him in on the internet...I need the eBay number and fast what a scammer! I can't find the number to call!
  3. I tried to report it, but I got sent to a screen which says:

    Item Description and Picture Theft

    eBay members are not allowed to use another eBay user's pictures or descriptions in their listings or About Me pages without the owner's permission.
    Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
    • Listing cancellation
    • Loss of eBay fees
    • Limits placed on account privileges
    • Loss of PowerSeller status
    • Account suspension
    • A seller doesn't know the best way to describe an item. The seller copies a substantial amount of another member’s description and pastes it into a listing, without receiving the original writer’s permission.
    • A seller uses someone else's picture and includes it in a listing, since it looks very similar to the item the seller is offering.
    Report a member who is using your text or images without your permission.
    Note: You must own the rights to the text or images you are reporting for unauthorized use.

    So I can't - you'll have to do it, Ghost. I'm sorry.
  4. Go to "report this item" at the bottom of the page and it'll take you to the right place, Ghost.

    There is also a " live help" at the top right (in small letters) on the page www.ebay.com[​IMG]
  5. Ghost- only you can report him for copying your listing- you will have to put your listing number and his in and send it to them. go to the "report this" button
    I've had my listings copied a number of times- the amount of time it took ebay to remove the listing ranged from a few hours to a few days-

  6. THANK YOU! My computer would not let me get past the first page. Your link allowed me to! What an ass. I am so totally PO right now. I tried to call ebay but they state they are closed. My other post is all about this guy.:cursing:....I am not going to do anything elese at this point. He WILL get the auction pulled! That is my hand in the pictures! What a Dumb A**!

    All he had to do was take OFF the security tag I placed on the bag and list it himself w/ his own information. I think he Truely was/is planning on still trying to return it to me as he has not taken any pics w/ my security tag OFF.

  7. What a creep!
  8. I found a way to report these without being the original photo or listing seller.

    Email at bottom of page
    Instead of clicking counterfeit, chose
    Click Continue

    Then the item number comes up w/ a box to fill in whatever you want to say!

    I just reported.

    My note read:

    Buyer stole photos and listing from another seller!!!
    Please hurry before someone is defrauded!!!
  9. ebay won't take it down unless you report it. Since it was your auction he stole.
  10. OMG :wtf: :wtf: Whatever happened to decency :confused1:
  11. ANYONE can report him for stealingf/copying a listing as long as you have the original auction # from the first one. Go down to the bottom of the auction to the REPORT THIS and it will lead with thru it. It will ask for the original auction #.
  12. ghost i think we need your original auction number to report him. i'm going to look for it myself.

    yes you can report someone for stolen pics even if it's not your listing they stole.

  13. Thank you! I reported him as well. I also printed off my listing and his. This way if he tries to file a paypal claim I have proof that he thought the bag was in good condition as his/my listing he stole to relist it.

    I have printed ALL of it because once the listing is pulled there is no way to re-visit it.

    MANY Thanks!!!
  14. found your auction. for anyone else who wants to report her original auction was 250126704898. thanks.

    hope it's ok for me to post this.

    i reported him too, what a jerk.