Turn around time at LVR

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  1. Hi - I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to receive an order from Luisa Via Roma if the item is in stock? TIA:smile:
  2. Its quite fast. You live in NY, it only takes 3 days to received the item you ordered.
  3. Thanks lynnix!!
  4. I was at Florence abt 10 days ago and went to LVR boutique and really impressed with their collection. Their prices are actually lower than another store at Rome called Gente which also is a mix brand store. Will do online shopping via LVR from now on, feel comfortable with them. Bought my Chloe Edith fr them this time round.
  5. Mine arrived within 2 days and I am in the UK
  6. I ordered multiple items and I'm in New England and it took almost 2 weeks for them to arrive from Italy.