Turkey recipes?

  1. Hello everyone, i know it's not xmas but i totally forgot about my buffe turkey breast sitting in the fridge and it's my anniversary tomorrow and i'm planning to use it but i'd prefer not to roast it whole..is there anyway i can cut it up and make it into something for dinner for two?

  2. ive cut off the turkey meat (so its 2 cutlets), marinate it and roast it under a brick so its super tender
  3. That sounds yummy. I usually just tear it up & throw something together in a crock pot & simmer for a long time :smile:
  4. I cut up the turkey breast into about 1 inch thick slices. Season with garlic salt and pepper. Dip into:

    bowl #1 - flour
    bowl #2 - beaten eggs
    bowl #3 - seasoned breadcrumbs and parmasean cheese

    Pan fry in olive oil until the meat is cooked through. It's really yummy with pasta or a side of veggies.