Turkey left over recipes?

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  1. We have a ton of turkey left over and I wanna make something good out of it!

    I turned on the Food channel hoping to catch a "after thanksgiving" show but there isn't!

    Please share some recipes if you have any for left over turkey meat...

  2. Okay I just caught a show and its all about left over turkey recipes!

    IF anyone is intersted...I took down some notes while watching..More to come..


    Turkey Pasta

    Boil Pasta,add salt

    Sautee’ Chopped Onions
    Add chopped garlic
    Add peeled, chopped carrots
    Add chopped celery
    Add salt & pepper
    Add 1lb of shredded turkey
    Add Marinara Sauce-Plain is ok.
    Simmer for a few mins.

    Prepare basil,chopped.

    Add Pasta into sauce,mix it,add the basil.

    Top with Parmesan topping!

  3. Italian Meat Loaf/left over STUFFING

    Grate Onion
    Chopped onion
    Chopped Parsely
    Crack 2 eggs in bowl
    Add quarter cup of KETCHUP
    Add salt & pepper

    Mix all ingredients in bowl

    Add 1 cup of BREAD crumbs

    Add ground beef & pork

    Put meat in MEATLOAF pan, ½ on bottom, then add leftover STUFFING, then top the layer with the rest of the meatloaf.

    Top Marinara on top of meatloaf
    Add grated cheese

    350 degrees for approx. 40 mins
  4. Potato Pancakes

    1 egg, beat it lightly in bowl
    Add mash potatoes
    Add 1/3 cup of flour

    Add Olive oil in skillet

    Shape into pancake shape, add to pan to fry. Flip on each side.

    (Could also make these into balls and deep fry)

    Make to 2 eggs sunny side up. Flip the egg if you want.

    Pour Marina on a plate, add the Pancake, top with the egg, add Parmesan.
  5. Salad for your meatloaf

    Romaine Lettuce, chopped

    Add herbs, paresly, chopped

    Add basil, chopped

    Add olives


    Add lemon zest
    Add Lemon juice
    Add sweet honey
    Add salt & pepper

    Blend all ingredients

    Add extra virgin oil, continue to blend.

    Viola! You got your dressing!
  6. mmmm...The turkey pasta sound yummy!!!!

    Thank you for posting!!

  7. Your welcome!

    The pasta looked the easiest. :yes:
  8. Caitlin's Specialty Turkey Sandwiches

    Toast two pieces of bread
    Mayonnaise both pieces
    Put the turkey on one piece
    Sprinkle with salt and pepper
    Cover with the other piece of toast
  9. Yum, I love turkey sandwiches! Just had one today... But they make me so sleepy :biggrin:

    Nothing better than a nice sandwich and a nap after post-Thanksgiving day shopping :smile:
  10. Turkey soup is always yummy
  11. I just made the turkey pasta and omgg it soooo goood!!!!
  12. =( I missed the turkey this year...I worked 3pm-7am on Thanksgiving...didn't even taste any turkey. Anyone want to share their leftovers with me? :yes:
  13. Well, personally, my favorite Thanksgiving food (much more so than the actual Thanksgiving dinner) is sandwiches made with just leftover turkey and mayo, on white bread. But I guess you don't need a recipe for that, in which case I'd recommend turkey tetrazzini- also a favorite of mine.