Turkey Day In Hong Kong....

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  1. Just to give everyone as idea of what a non-holiday that I had....it was hard to get into the spirit....I worked all day, and then had teacher-parent meetings until 7pm. On the way home, I procured a large bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken (hey, it's poultry!!), and went home to fix a few side dishes. There was mashed potatoes and biscuits (also compliments of KFC), and corn on the cob and peas au gratin. No pumpkin pie, and by the time DH got home at 8:45, the kids were so hungry, I though they might eat each other!!!
    I don't think anyone stopped to breathe whilst wolfing down their KFC, and then it was off to bed for the kiddos! We did take a moment to give thanks, and my husband's was hilarious....he has been sick with an upset tummy, and had to spend the day in China at his factory where the toilet is a hole in the ground, and toilet paper is small Kleenexes....he said that he was thankful for western style toilets and Charmin!!!!
    So for all of you that had sweet potatoes and warm rolls and all the other things that make Thangsgiving so wonderful...it is truly something to be thankful for!!!
  2. Oh man...at least you have a KFC! LOL I'm also thankful for western style toilets! I've had to use those holes in the ground when we were in China...NOT fun (and we didn't even have toilet paper!!!).

    A Happy Thanksgiving to you across the seas! It doesn't matter where you are as long as you're with those you love. :heart:
  3. A Happy Thanksgiving to you across the seas! It doesn't matter where you are as long as you're with those you love. :heart:[/quote]

    :yes: Ain't that the truth!!!!:love: :love:
  4. Still sounds like a lovely day with the family!!! Happy Thanksgiving from a far :heart:
  5. I think only of those who have experienced that unique travel perk can relate....but I truly laughed out loud....
  6. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to everyone!

    The stuff I have heard from people about toilets in China has scared me off from visiting... Is it like that in the cities too?

    I have lots of relatives over there, but I've been hesitant to visit as I'm a hard-core city girl. I even carry antibacterial wipes in my bag w/ me :biggrin:
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