Turkey, cranberry sauce and Foresta

  1. I thought the Foresta re-release was happening next year; my wallet was looking forward to a nice break after Vacanze ...

    From Tokidoki blog:

    Foresta Re-Release Update

    September 24th, 2007 Reader Kathy, who sent in the Foresta print re-release information in this post, just let me know that she does live in Hawaii. So I think it’s safe to bet at this point that the Foresta re-release is going to be happening in Hawaii (and possibly Guam) only. Bummer!!
    More info thanks to Enigma in the comments - according to a LeSportsac SA in Hawaii, they are expecting to receive their Foresta re-release shipment in November 2007!
  2. How can us mainland girls can get our hands on Foresta then? I would kill for a Foresta Zucca with great placement. Because even though I have amazing placement on my Foresta BV I am not sure I can fall in love with that style of bag. It's still NWTs because all I do is look at it... :shame:
  3. Omg, no!! I was hoping to get a big bag in that print- I love my bella, but I would love a bv, zucca, or gioco! They need to do the re-releases on the mainland, even if they're like only in major cities, I'm really surprised that they're not releasing them in NYC.
  4. I would love a Gioco in that print!
  5. I would love a BV or a Zucca in this print, but must control self...

    While I don't live in Hawaii, I think it's fair that the Hawaiians and those in Guam get the rereleases. After all, we on the mainland had our chance and get plenty of choices. It's not their fault some of us got into this game late.
  6. Very true! I just found Toki in May...
  7. I'm not-- spiaggia was only released in the West Coast LeSportsac stores and on-line. New Toki print releases in NYC are always 2-3 weeks later than on the West Coast. And don't get me started on the lack of NYC stores that even sell Toki...
  8. What is LeSportsac thinking?

    Don't they read this forum? :confused1: They should! Mainland girls need love too!:love:


    edit: I think I need to post this on every Foresta re-release thread I find!, just in case...
  9. Fair would have been releasing each print worldwide at the same time. I truly do not understand their marketing.

    PS -Someone on the Tokidoki blog mentioned starting a petition to send to LSS. Maybe thats an idea.
  10. I got Spiaggia at Macys in NY. :confused1:
  11. I also saw tons of Spiaggia in Macy's Herald Square for weeks. I tried on several and kept putting them back (I ended up getting a Ciao Ciao on sale from the LSS website).
  12. ^^NO WAY!! :wtf: When did they get spiaggia in? I wanted to surprise my mom with a spiaggia stellina for Mother's Day and they were nowhere to be found. I had to order it from the LeSportsac in the Beverly Center. It all worked out, but I had to pay retail price, plus tax and shipping.
  13. I think LS is crazy too...they don't make any sense. But yeahhh I honestly don't care that Foresta is going to be released here lmfao. I wish they would re-release Tan PG...lol.

    How are you folks supposed to get bags? Relatives in Hawaii? Friends in Hawaii? (Not telling people to ask others on here...but in general). Oh yeah, and they do ship to the mainland....RETARDED cuz we can't get stuffed shipped HERE....aaaaaaaaaaaahooooooooos. So Hawaii can ship to mainland...but mainland cant ship to us...niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice...................
  14. Do they still have spiaggia on the east coast? I still need a dolce in that print but no where near me still has it physically... everyone has 1 at their mall but it's no where to be found :sad: and I can't do a search of the inventory further out :push:
  15. I've checked airfare to Hawaii in November ... and resigned myself to getting a Foresta MM or Zucca through eBay or direct from the store. Hawaii ladies, what stores will help with print placement and ship? The LeSportsac Web site doesn't list any locations in Hawaii. PM me please if you don't want to let the lurkers in on your secret spots. :drool: