turist can't buy LV in Japan?

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  1. During the discussion about Neverful Damier and that for now it will be only Japan/Hawaii, one of the people wrote, that LV Japan doesen't alow turists to buy from them. Can it be true? I would find it really weird and I hardly can believe in it. Do any of you had experience in buying LV in Japan?

    I wanted to try the waitlist for a Damier neverful in May....
  2. I hope this isn't true.
  3. I hope not cause that just bad customer service :tdown:!
  4. What? Tourists could not buy LV? That's ridicullus!!!
  5. i doubt that's true.
  6. Could that be true: First: Neverfull damier just in Asia second:no buying over the phone third:no tourists allowed to buy it? That can not be true (hopefully)...
  7. rubbish! i was in Tokyo in Feb and took home a little LV souvenir with me - its in my signature below - it just came out that day and the only one they've got. then they even instructed me on how to get my tax back. as for the Neverfull being exclusive to Japan, it has happened before. and then they release a slightly different version for the rest of the world. eg: Sophie/Eva, Recital.
  8. yup. i know lv paris bars tourists from buying too many items of the same kind (to resell back home), but never able to not actually buy anything...
  9. Pretty sure it isn't true, lots of members have been to Japan to buy LV and lots went to buy the Sophie, which was a Japan exclusive. Unless it has changed for the neverfull I don't think they'd turn tourists away, especially since they will be paying more for the item than they would in their home country (since Japan is a lot more expensive).
  10. Thanks so much for your oppinions. I also thought it can't be true, but wanted to be sure :smile:
  11. it CANT be true as japn also depend on tourist money for their economy...:yes:
  12. No that's not true, I know people who have visited Japan and bought LV-like a few months ago.
  13. glad to hear that!
  14. I bought my LV in Japan when I went vacation there in 2006. One thing to remember is to bring your passport with you so you can get tax refound. (i think) My boyfriend was working there during that time and they told him if i had my passport with me that we don't have to pay tax.
  15. wow was a little worry there ... really looking forward to going to Japan and doing the shopping thing haha