Turenne MM on a guy.

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  1. Hi everyone! So I'm looking for a new everyday bag other than my Speedy 35 since the handles can get a bit uncomfortable and I want something that can be used as a crossbody and Turenne catched my eye but I'm afraid it might be TOO feminine. I don't mind using feminine stuff as long as it's not overly feminine since that's just not my style (I mostly wear t-shirts with jeans everyday tho, if that helps?). As I've never seen a guy wearing one I wanted to ask you what do you think? Or do you have any other recommendations? I need something big enough to carry everyday items that's made of monogram canvas since I don't really like any LV style other than that.

    pd.: If you're a guy who owns one please feel free to post pics of you modeling your Turenne. :smile:
  2. If you feel comfortable wearing a Speedy 35, I think the Turenne would work well for you. If you get it, please post modeling shots.
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  3. I do own a number of women's bags but the pleats and round body on the Turenne make it a tad too feminine, at least for me to wear it. Have you tried it on yet? You don't really know if it's a match unless you put it on yourself.
  4. I agreee as male and gravitate to women’s bag for sure from lv they style is a bit to feminine for me cause of the pleats
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  5. I feel like you should be fine, especially if you plan on wearing it mainly crossbody :smile:
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  6. I'd rather prefer a Speedy B or any of the Noés.
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  7. As mentioned, there's something about the pleats and shape that makes this bag less "unisex" IMO. I think an Amazon GM, a Pochette Metis with a wider after-market strap, or even a Porte Documents Voyage PM would work well for you. But if your heart is set on this bag don't let anyone talk you out of it. I had people try to talk me out of my Epi Noé, and while I sold it when I tired of it, I have no regrets about it and still look back at it fondly.
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  8. I think the pleating makes it look more "feminine"and I still have a pic of the GM I tried on, bought and RETURNED in 24 hours lol! Not sure why I haven't deleted it. It was a straight up impulse buy. Just bored. Once i got it home i just didnt care for it. I had to purchase an additional strap at the time in order to wear it crossbody because the GM was jammed in my armpit crossbody and strangling me with the original strap. Only the MM had a strap long enough for crossbody wear which I found strange. I can upload the pic if you just need the visual.
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  9. How about the Pouchette Metis? I've seen it on some guys, and it can be worn crossbody.

    I think it looks the best in Monogram Reverse
    Here is the one in regular monogram:
    These bags are not usually available at the boutique as they are quite popular, so if you do want one, then I suggest asking an LV sales associate to put your name on a waiting list, and/or checking their online store periodically because it sometimes comes in stock. Who knows. You may be lucky enough to get it on your first try when you visit the boutique.

    @Prada Prince has this bag. He can show you some of his pictures and also a review of the bag.
  10. I already own a Speedy so I could either sell it and get a Speedy B or think of something else. A noé? They're really cute but I never thought of myself wearing one, I will check them out tho.

    I think LV stopped making the GM size, might be cause of what you said! haha.

    I love the PM, it was my first option but I borrowed my friend's and it was too small for me to use it daily, however I decided to get it because of how gorgeous it is and bought a pre-owned one that resulted in a replica! (long story, gladly I got my money back). So for now I'm focusing on something else and maybe in a future I will get this directly from the store, I don't think it's that hard to get one here in Mexico tho!

    Something about the "uniqueness" of this bag is making me lean towards getting it, since I don't think I've seen anybody carrying one before. All I see is people carrying Speedys, Neverfulls and Almas.
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  11. The new NéoNoé is unbelivably beautiful in Épi, I highly recommend that you check those too.
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  12. Honestly, I don't like bags with pleats. A lot of people may not like hearing it, but bags with pleats always seem like old lady bags to me. Plus, after a bad experience with some canvas cracking on my bag, I'm very wary of canvas bags with any sort of fold.

    If you like the Turenne and don't mind the pleats, then you should get it. It's a not a bad size. But I do think it's just too feminine.
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  13. What about the Montaigne GM? I think this can work for a guy as well.
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  14. Good point.
  15. This is just too hard! I'll be visiting the boutique tomorrow and hopefully making a decision will be easier. I'll be trying all your recommendations! :smile:
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