Turbolence color?? Opinions!!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    What does everyone think of the turbolence color? Is it a classic that you can wear through the years or a trendy color?? Debating if I should start saving for a pleated veneta..:shrugs:
  2. Love, love, love this color. I don't feel it is trendy at all. It is deep and a perfect fall bag color.
  3. i agree with jburgh in this and actually all other things too, funnily enough
  4. Really? Or are we just hopeless BV addicts?
  5. I love the color and have long thought that the right shade of purple is flattering to most women and looks good in most situations. I liked Parma from a year or 2 ago, but Turbolence is more attractive to me. I need to get something in this color before it's sold out!
  6. I just got a wallet in this colour and absolutely love it to bits. The colour is really rich and deep and seems to go with just about everything. Definitely see myself using this for a loooong time. Plus it's dark enough so you don't have to baby it as much. If you are thinking of getting anything in this colour I say go for it! :tup: You won't regret it.
  7. Of all the bags that are showing up in purple this fall, I feel BV's purple is not only the prettiest, it's the most understated. IMO it will not look dated. My introduction to BV was a woman I worked with who had a purple BV that had to be at least 10 years old at the time. Being a purple fanatic, she carried it frequently. I never thought it looked dated and it complimented the various outfits she wore.
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    I will get a pleated medium Veneta in this color! Just saw the large one in Stockholm but it´s too big for me, so I´ll settle with a smaller one ;)
  9. I think this is going to be my fall color (decisions, decisions), but I still don't have ebano, so I'm torn.
    I definitely think this color will stand the test of time.
    Over in the Balenciaga forum, eggplant has been going strong since 04, and they have released 2 new purple shades in the last couple of seasons. The BV purple is even better, IMHO. :jammin:
  10. Thank you everyone for your opinions! After all, purple is my favorite color! I have been talking myself into it, that it will go with grays, blacks & neutrals.. Must start saving!!

  11. It will really add that pop of color to those neutrals!:yahoo:
  12. Turbulence is gorgeous! BV may consider it a "seasonal" item, but I think this color will work forever.
  13. I love my turbolence montaigne - the color goes with so much surprisingly. Its a very dark rich color. Love it!
  14. I hope you can post photos when you get your pleated Veneta in Turbolence! I would need the large size and it's expensive. Hmmm, will have to finance it somehow!:shrugs:
  15. would anyone by chance know how turbolence compares to hermes' raisin?