Turbo Jam?

  1. Has anyone tried the Turbo Jam dvd's?

    My sister has taken the actual class at her gym and absolutely loves it, but no one in my area teaches it. I've seen the infomercial and it looks fun. I'm just wondering if anyone has tried it and what your thoughts are before I decide to buy it.
  2. I have seen the infomercial too and would feel completely idiotic participating in a class like that. Turbo Jam is not a be-all, end-all workout; it is no secret that a combination of cardiovascular activity and weight training is more successful in burning calories than each component being done on its own. What makes Turbo Jam successful is the marketing and incredibly fit people participating in the infomercial. But they didn't get that way from exclusively doing Turbo Jam. Their low body fat is due to a strict, clean diet.

    If you like that sort of workout and will stick with it you could probably see results! :biggrin: The Firm workouts are based on the same concept - cardio and weights combined - and they were very successful for me years ago.
  3. I just started on it this week. It's a fun and easy workout, and for working moms like me... they have the 20 minute workout. 8 minutes into the workout, and I'm already sweating.

    I don't know what the results will be in the long term. But if your goal is to have some aerobic activity injected into a busy day, this is for you :smile:
  4. I hear it's similar to Taebo - which I've been doing for 2.5 weeks. I love it.