Turbillon Rolf Satin Slingbacks $247

  1. Just ordered both lol
    Im sooo upset....I ordered a pair of Dior boots about 2 hours ago and now they are like $100 less!
    At least I got these at an amazing deal!
  2. Tey just put those out! I like them!! I mostly waer black at formal event, what color?? That black would be a wardrobe staple I think.Wow, what a price!!!
  3. Glad someone picked them up! The price is great, but they aren't really my style. Supposedly, Saks is having another reduction, extra 25% off, hence the cheaper prices.
  4. cjy: The red is stunning and elegant in this style, get the red!
  5. I got the black. Can't beat the price and they are a classic satin shoe. Thank you for passing on!! I am shocked at how far down they marked it. I bet it will be the most painfull thing in the world, maybe that is why it did not sell.
  6. Knock-out price :nuts: The style however...

    EDIT: Everything is gone so quickly!
  7. I couldn't believe my eyes....wow! I'd bet money this was a price mistake (well great for us consumers) as this is a new-season shoe that's not supposed to hit the sales till summer '08.....well what a steal at this price!
  8. Wow, you girls did well, almost all the sizes are gone! Maybe I should have bought a pair myself... Oh well!
  9. I got a price adjustment on the Dior slouch boots.....I grabbed both red and black in the CL's.
    I usually wear a 39....but by the time I checked out the blk were gone....so I re-ordered them in a 39.5....hopefully they fit.
    Im beyond excited...cant sleep....i keep refreshing the Saks shoe page.:yahoo:
  10. I just ordered the red.. tried to get the black but someone snagged them out of my shopping bag. hate how sak's does that...Don't they want me to keep shopping? Grrrrrr.
  11. All gone! Congrats if you got them!
  12. Ok was I the only loser on the phone with Saks CS at midnight today? There were so many problems with their prices on the website, ie sale items higher today than they were yesterday, but they will offer price adjustments on all items. I saw this shoe but wasn't so excited about it, now I am having second thoughts but it is already sold out :push:
  13. :cursing::hysteric:*sigh* it's so cute and i just came into $750 but it all has to pay for some medical bills :sad:. everytime i come into extra money it ends up being lost to bills or taxes