Turandot commemorative scarf?

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  1. Okay! So I hear the Charlotte, NC store will be selling a commemorative Turandot scarf to celebrate the opening of their new store. Supposedly some of the colorways are aubergine (I betcha prune), navy, red, and white. MLJones, where are you? Anyone in NC area hear of this? Details............please..................pretty please?...............anyone?:shrugs:
  2. I seriously am up for one as well if they do have it. :yes:
  3. And Orchids would be all over herself for one too.......ORCHIDS? where is that girl?????
  4. I'm HERE! Just made it back from Hermes in BH today--picked up my 30cm from the spa and bought two plisee scarves, firmed up orders, and did some chatting w/my SA.

    I am FREAKING out over the news--just called my SA to have her check--will keep you guys posted once I hear later. OMG--am getting one in every colorway if it's true.
  5. Oh my, I'm going to need one of those!!
  6. As a follow-up my SA checked with the NC store and a commemorative scarf will be issued but it is not Turandot unfortunately. According to her they don't know what it will be as they haven't gotten it in yet.
  7. ^^^^Dang!
  8. Orchids, thanks for checking anyway.
  9. No problem. Maybe we should all pool our opinions together and tell our SAs to send word back to corporate to re-issue that scarf!
  10. ^Agreed :yes:

    I've also sent an email to Hermes.com and ask them if they would have any Turandots left that I can look at in the stores. So far it's been a day and I haven't heard from them at all. Will post their reply if I ever hear from them.
  11. AirMess I sent an E-mail to Hermes.com a few months ago and at that time they said they didn't have any in the U.S. Let me know if they tell you otherwise! What I wouldn't do to get my hands on one in red and purple!
  12. ^haha, thanks for letting me know. I'll defintely let you know once I hear from them. I'm guessing it's the holiday season and that's the reason they are taking longer than usual to answer my queries, usually they are pretty good, within a day or 2.
  13. Sigh, here is the reply from hermes.com


    Thank you for visiting Hermes.com.

    Unfortunately the scarves are out of print. Our scarves are works of art and, thusly, are printed in limited quantities each season. Unless a scarf is reprinted in years to come, once it sells out, it will no longer be available for purchase. Please contact our Bal Harbour store at 305 868 0118 and our Atlanta store at 404 233 1011 should you be interested in "Samuel de Champlain" scarf.
  14. Thanks for sharing AirMess (I love your ID name)!!
  15. ^Thanks! I love your signature sign-off even more. I actually read it out to my DH, hahaha!