Turandot Charlotte, should I?

  1. The NC store called and finally they are offering me their special edition Turandot.

    But to be honest, I'm not that excited. I still love the design, but these two colorways (plum/lilac and coral) just are not as nice as some of the past issues. Plus lately there're soooo many nice mousselines all of a sudden.

    Should I pass? Those of you who have seen either of these two IRL, what do you think?
  2. I think you said it yourself.....not that excited....pass.

    You are right, so many lovely mousellines at the moment!
  3. Pass.....Hermes should make your :heart: go :yahoo:
  4. Coral one is just okay, but I think the darker one will be lovely.
  5. Rose, of course you are right. Normally I am not this indecisive, but Turandot is my Achilles' heel. I still regret returning the original blue/orange colorway till this day.
  6. I think so too, but only on some one with lovely pale skin. I turned down the lilac colorway of the "Champs du Courses" too, even though it was really REALLY gorgeous. Those colors just don't work for my complexion, at least not as well as some others.
  7. Tods, you may want to just get it while you can. Especially since it's a limited issue. If it turns out you don't like it, I'm sure you can return it for a credit.
  8. I think my SA described the darker one as having more of a pale blue center vs. lilac. You may want to double check with them. Of course, I am totally partial to this scarf, so just ignore my comments, and go with your gut feeling. =)
  9. Orchids, here's a pic. The borders are supposed to be dark plum, lilac center background, then periwinkle blue on the lattice design:

  10. Major drool---I love that colorway. Hopefully mine will be arriving sometime next week. It's so hard to gauge the color by photographs sometimes so I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.
  11. Well, I'll wait until you get yours so that you can give me an informed opinion then.

    I agree the colors are hard on photos, and this particular one is probably off too, as the borders look completely black instead of dark plum.
  12. Then, you should get it, try it on, if you don't love it, return it. If you really want the blue one, it will find it's way to you....sooner or later.
  13. oh tods I LOVE those colors....is it only available to limited customers??? Those are MY colors!!! And the design is beautiful...please tell me, :love: how, oh how, might I get this scarf??!!!!!
  14. Mine is in the mail!!!:yahoo:! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I say get it....10% of the proceeds go to benefit the arts...only a few hundred were made....
  15. ^^ QM which one? The aubergine as well?

    I think indeed I will get the aubergine and see. If it makes me look sick then it goes back to the store in Alaska.