Tupperware parties and other 'house parties'

  1. A pretty good friend of mine from high school. Oh my G_d it's been nine years that she and I have been friends wow I feel old.

    ANyhow she's/her mom are hosting a candle party in their house next week. I already said I'm going as candles and bath crap I can deal with, for her I'd even do tupperware but if it were a purse party I'd run the other way. Also the person whose stuff it is isn't just anyone it's my friends sister in law.

    Her family has been pretty good to me over the years, the whole nice factor. They've chipped in when she was short on cash for bdays ie for like dinner and a present. They as a family were quite generous in terms of a wedding present last year.

    So knowing that it's family I know I'm going to buy something/some stuff. My question as I have no clue as to what things cost anymore how much should I expect to spend??

    I told hubby between $20-$50. Is that realistic. I mean obviously if I see things I want I'll really spend. ANd if there isn't much that interests me I won't go crazy.

    But is that realistic or have the numbers changed since people asked Miss Manners in terms of tupperware parties.

    Thank you
  2. I think the range you said would be fine. If it's mostly candles for sale that isn't something that anyone drops a ton of $ for (at one time) anyway. $20-50 is reasonable, IMO. If you see something you love and it costs more, that's fine too! If you don't really like anything maybe you can buy a few candles as christmas gifts. Have fun!
  3. I'm a candle freak and have been to candle Lite parties and spent more than that-they have some really nice candle holders. Plus, I love scented candles and don't get to those parties often-so, i really stock up.
  4. Yes, that's a very reasonable amount for candles. The candle HOLDERS can add up, however.
  5. For under $50.00 you can get some decent things. The stuff is made pretty cheap.....I bought some stuff from partylite and it was total crap. One candle holder fell apart and the other one was missing all these special screws to hang it on the wall. I could have gone to Pier One and got good things. I think sometimes we feel obligated to do these things and we do it, so try to pick some things that you will use and in my opinion you will have fun just being around the people going.
  6. Yeah, $50 is a decent amount for Tupperware. I LOVE partylite...

    gillianna..that's so weird that you had problems with their stuff. Did you send them back for replacement? They will send replacements. I had a three wick lose one of its wicks and got a replacement. I can super easily drop over $100 for candles with them. And unfortunately a coworker who sits on my floor sells them! :smile:
  7. I :heart: candle parties!!! A bunch of my sorority sisters would host them all of the time. They have some of the best smelling candles!!! While some of the items can add up and turn pricey, you can get some nice stuff for under $50.00.
  8. I'm a sucker for those candle parties.:yes:
    I love the way they burn. I think the amount you stated is fine, honestly $20 is more than enough....but you will probably find a lot of nice holders & candles to buy & spend moe than you plan. :lol: That's what always happens to me, especially if the wine is flowing. Stay away from the treat trays & the wine, because that is how they sucker you in.
  9. When I go to a party like that and it's a good friend I try to have a $30 minimum. Even if the party is for somehting that I'd never use, I try to pick up gifts for other family members and friends.
  10. That sounds very reasonable and thoughtful of you.
  11. I wouldn't be likely to consume food served, I'd probably just bring a bottle/can of soda. ie I keep kosher and i know this friend's family doesn't even factor that in.
  12. Thank you for all the feedback.

    I wound up spending like $70....which was a little more than I was planning on but not more than I could really afford.
  13. i have not been to a tupperware or candle party in a super long time. they are so much fun. you always end up buying more than what you intended to.