Tupac's Former Bodgaurd: I Was Undercover FBI

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  1. Posted Oct 20th 2007 3:46PM by TMZ Staff
    [​IMG]An ex-bodyguard for Tupac Shakur claims to have been an undercover FBI agent during the four years he was employed by Death Row.

    During a Q&A screening for the new DVD, "Tupac Assassination - Conspiracy or Revenge?" Kevin Hackie
    revealed for the first time that he was an FBI agent -- not an informant, which had been previously reported. Hackie worked undercover as a bodyguard for Death Row from 1992-1996. Shakur died on September 13, 1996.

    Kevin Hackie is now retired from law enforcement and runs a private security firm. "Tupac Assassination" is in stores Tuesday, October 23.

  2. Wow. Not surprised though.
  3. wow - thats interesting.

    I know there were rumors, but Did they ever figured out for sure who killed him?
  4. No, they haven't.

    Some hard core fans believe he's still alive and hiding out somewhere.
  5. Well this doesn't surprise me. It goes right along with the theory that the cops were involved in 2pac and Big's shootings. Ever seen Black and Blue: Legend of a Hip Hop Cop? Very suspicious to say the least.
  6. :wtf:
  7. it's all so fascinating to me. . . I hope they find out in my lifetime!
  8. wow, I am a big tupac fan I hope he give some answers
  9. The FBI thought Tupac was a big enough threat to have an under cover agent pose as an bodyguard??