Tuna Salad.

  1. I fell in love with this tuna salad that my local deli has.They get it from a caterer and I have never tried such deliciouse tuna salad. I would love to know the recipe. I tried tuna salad in many places but none were as good as this. Does anyone know of a delicious tuna recipe. Please share..
  2. how i make tuna is i use mayo , mustard, relish , onions , celery and hard boiled eggs . Mix to my liking ......and its um um um good :smile:
  3. i use mayo, salt, pepper, a little mustard, an egg, a little ranch dressing, and a pinch of paprika (and a little celeryif i'm in the mood)
  4. yea, mine is like Heavensent...

    yum... sounds good, I think I know what I am having for lunch now! :smile:
  5. i am going to try all of them.
  6. I add: chopped onions, chopped walnuts, golden raisins, chopped red delicious apples, cut up red grapes, and mayo.
  7. That sounds delicious!
  8. the best tuna salad can be made if you get real tuna and cook it and then chill it and use it like you would canned. My friend's dad is a fisher and they can their catch (as in canning in a glass jar) and it is so much better than canned albacore.
  9. loren that sounds so good- I need lunch!!
  10. I hate the low fat tuna salad at local deli's in NYC- they always use this watery mayo and the whole thing makes the bread or bagel so soggy- nasty
  11. Oh gosh I absolutely love tuna salad - this thread is making me hungry haha :nuts:
  12. I make a mediterranean tuna salad that doesn't have any mayo in it and is super yummy: mustard, olive oil, red wine vinegar, pickle relish, capers, and a pinch of salt and pepper.
  13. I never liked tuna salad cause there's mayo in it but my friends mom makes it with almost 0 mayo and that's the most I can venture with tuna salad.
  14. I'm a purist - I don't much like "stuff" in my tuna. But mine comes out great because of the very fine consistency almost like it's been put in blender. I do like it really,uh, pulverized for lack of a better word.

    I start with white albacore, break it up with hands and then with a big spoon, not a fork, mash it further. I mix together lowfat mayo, a little mustard, a tiny dash of cider vinegar and finely chopped celery, dash of celery salt or powder and mix in. YUMBA!
  15. I can only eat my mother's tuna. I can't even make it myself. She uses tuna, a little bit of mayo, celery, and relish. It is so good!